Issin in Bloom is a singer and songwriter from Oslo, Norway. She has been drawn to music since she was little and would sit next to the speakers on her parents’ cassette player and listen for hours. She started writing poems in primary school and it gradually turned into writing lyrics and composing melodies.

She has been the vocalist of several groups, toured in the UK and played “Slottsfjellfestivalen” in Norway. This is her first solo project.

Issin in Bloom wrote “The Gamekeeper” a few years ago when she felt a bit lost in life and there were obstacles she felt she could not overcome.

The title of the song refers to being the guardian of your life, something which can be a bit overwhelming to think about at times.

“The Gamekeeper” was recorded at Urban Sound Studios in Oslo. She worked in the studio with the Norwegian musician and producer Henrik R. Fossum.

SOURCE: Official Bio