1. An Interview with Order of the Static Temple Jammerzine Exclusive 28:48

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Rob Robinson from Order of the Static Temple. Their new album titled ‘Rise In Fire’ was released on June 18th via Negative Gain and has received some tremendous reviews. Bringing old school industrial back in its true form is a risky gamble, but it pays off with ‘Rise In Fire’.

In today’s interview, we talk with Rob about the ‘Rise In Fire’ album; from making to marketing as well as the current state of the post-COVID music industry and releasing an album in the middle of a pandemic. A lot to ingest in this interview as it becomes a really good conversation with a knowledgeable musician.

About Order of the Static Temple

EBM and Industrial fans, rejoice, your new favorite band is here. Order of the Static Temple offers you electronic sounds of the past. With a take no prisoners attitude, they seamlessly execute their barrage of audio that’s engaging and seductive. With precise intention and steel-cut beats, Order of the Static Temple’s structure is impenetrable and vast. Each track is an exquisite hymn for the industrial devotee.

In addition to this new project, Rob Robinson worked with Roger Jarvis on the debut Kevorkian Death Cycle record, and lent his talents to other projects like ohGr, BOL and Hate Dept.