1. An Interview with Salem's Childe Jammerzine Exclusive 1:10:35

Salem’s Childe has officially done a Jammerzine exclusive interview! And why I announced it in that way and am so excited about this particular interview is the fact that I know these guys personally and have even been in bands with one of them. Salem’s Childe is a band that I have followed from the inception. And one thing I can vouch for above all else is this is a band that is going about its musical career path on its own terms. And you will hear some of that in this interview.

One thing I must say before you listen is that, because I know these guys, this is more of a conversation than an interview. Sometimes that happens. But, I feel that is a good thing because we cover a lot of ground about Salem’s Childe but, unlike most interviews, we get to know about the minds behind the music as people. And these are good people. You will get to know a little more about why Salem’s Childe is the band that they are.

The new album by Salem’s Childe titled ‘The Sin That Saves You’ will release on October 9, 2020 via Pavement Entertainment.

About Salem’s Childe

Indiana metal outfit Salem’s Childe are long-time veterans of the metal scene, with the band’s members has performed from basements to stadiums around the US over the course the last two decades. The collective experience of the band’s members means that Salem’s Childe as a whole is no stranger to the national stage. Add to that local radio support and a sound that sets the band apart from its peers and it’s no wonder why Salem’s Childe is a known force with a recognizable name.

With influences that include Machine Head, Tool, Savatage, Lamb of God, and more, Salem’s Childe offers a hard-hitting and violently energetic mix of melody and aggression. And while those influences are resonant in the band’s sound, Salem’s Childe has been described as having a genre-defying sound that stands on its own while being able to keep the company of bands like As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Godsmack, and others. Salem’s Childe is a perfect storm of thrash, groove, prog, and modern hard rock that finds itself as equally at home in the mainstream as it does the underground.

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Salem’s Childe is:

  • Johnny Oravsky – vocals
  • Rob Salem – guitar
  • Aaron Crick – guitar
  • James Gates – bass
  • Scott Earley – drums