Earthset are more than just a band from Bologna, Italy. They are a band on a mission to change the mindset of the establishment. Take a look at their new video for “rEvolution of the Species” and see for yourself. Any musician can see that they do not play what is normally “expected” over any chord progression because we have become trained by decades of the mundane to “expect” the expected. The title of the track is a clue that this is the evolution within the revolution and any member of Jammer Direct knows that is what we are all about.

Having said that I knew that I must get into the minds of these madmen and see where they’re coming from, and it’s not Bologna. It’s from that place in our minds that yearns for originality and triggers the determination to create said originality. Welcome to the next experience of your life.



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Earthset are:
Ezio Romano: Vocals; Guitar
Luigi Varanese: Bass; Backing vocals
Costantino Mazzoccoli: Guitar; Backing vocals
Emanuele Orsini: Drums; Percussions


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