This is a cool interview. I have to start this by saying that right off the bat. Rob really knows his shit and it shows in this conversation above. I sa conversation because those are the best kind of interviews. Needless to say, wht you will walk away with from this conversation, or interview, is a new sense of inspiration for your music, if you are indeed a musician, or a sincere respect for all things righteous. You’ll also get some tasty tidbits as to what their new album may be called!

The single ‘We Go With What We Know’ is out on 15th April 2016. Check out our feature on the video HERE.

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About Righteous Reprobates
At the heart of Righteous Reprobates are the songwriting talents of Rob White (Guitar, Vocals), with the excellent Drumming of Charlie Kenny, the exciting Jack Griffiths (Guitar, Vocals), and the rock-solid and imaginative Bass of Jack Collier. Having just completed mastering for their debut album at Abbey Road Studios, the hard hitting four piece based in London and Kent are currently focused on impending releases and plans for gigging in the UK and beyond.

Citing major influences such as Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, The Beatles and Led Zepplin, and combining elements of classic 1970’s rock with punk and pop, folk, indie rock, roots and blues, Rob’s songwriting features meaningful and memorable lyrics, inspired melodies and harmonies. The band delivers a menacing sonic wall of layered guitars, each song infused with effortlessly slick riffs and grooves: a fitting canvas for the relentless surge of hooks and anthemic choruses that define a fresh sound that is truly their own.

With a debut album that is more like a collection of singles, the strength of the songwriting combined by a band that can really cut it, Righteous Reprobates are leaning towards being one of the very best of the bands on the British rock circuit today: great tunes delivered by a band that truly rocks and cries out to be heard.

Bio Source: Official Website.