1. Artificial Breed (Get Into The Mood) Kris 'Halo' Pierce ft. Melotika 0:30
  2. Artificial Breed (Get Into The Mood) (Halo Remix) Kris 'Halo' Pierce ft. Melotika 0:30
  3. Artificial Breed (Get Into The Mood) (Halo Dunder Remix) Kris 'Halo' Pierce ft. Melotika 0:30

Kris ‘Halo’ Pierce has today released his new collaboration with Melotika with two variations of the new single titled ‘Artificial Breed (Get Into The Mood)’.

Each version gives us glimpses of different worlds we could enter and remain in. All of them reflective of different parts of our psyche. Left, right, and center brained, if you will. You will find a favorite, and that favorite may change with your mood, or just because. Maybe because these are different mood rings disguised as music?

Electropop meets rock meets world. However you want to describe it, it is here. And it is here to stay. Music from the minds of musicians in the form of masters.

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About Kris Halo Pierce

Kris Halo Pierce (aka Haunted Echo) is a DJ Times Top 40, multi-award winning, genre-crossing producer and author with placements at MTV, Interscope, Viacom Media Networks, Sony Creative, Tencent Music Entertainment, Silk Origin Music Alliance, Hot-Q Records, What’s In-Store Music, Cleopatra Records, Distortion Productions, and TagWizz (Music Mash: Alexa Skills); just to name a few. His sound is often referred to as Balearic Beat and Cinematic Ambient. He has appeared on America’s Got Talent (8 million viewers), and he’s even worked on Broadway (Gettin’ The Band Back Together).

Pierce owns and operates Halo Askew Entertainment (BMI) – a multi-platform, boutique publishing company based in New Jersey. Artists include Aversion Theory, Mind Static, Resident51, Haunted Echo, Crew Called Self, The Beat Circles, and Pierce’s solo project, as well as collaborations with the Tony Award-winning Jessica Paz, Grammy Award-winning, Bimbo Jones Duo, Amira (William Orbit), Claus Larsen (Leaetherstrip), Zef Noise (Peter Murphy, Jonathan Davis), Jason Bazinet (SMP), Seven Dunbar (Chris Vrenna), Melodywhore, and Craig Huxtable (OHMelectronic, Noise Unit).