Lark has today released her new single titled ‘All I Want Is You’. Love and longing now has a soundtrack with a beat based rhythmic stance and stammer meant for the heart and immolating that inner muse in all of us. Lark’s vocals intensify the song with her longevity and living in the moment through that life experience incapsulated by the song itself.

There is a sense of both inner divinity and outward passion from a song that comes from a life lived and a lesson learned; letting us know that we’re not the only one and that love and longing belong to us all. This is the definition of a good pop song.

About ‘All I Want Is You’

Lark’s new single, “All I Want Is You,” written by Lark and Andrew Parniczky and produced by Jono Fernandez (Sia, Morgan Page), combines compelling instrumentals with powerful vocals to create something exciting and different. The raspy vocals and thumping beat of the verse build up to the explosive chorus that resolves her strong emotions. The passionate lyrics explain the urgency felt when wanting to get back to your partner, “Feel your breath, on my skin, I can taste your lips and all the places they have been, Riding on the baseline, Nothing but a dash light, We’re on fire baby keep it burning all night.”

The cheeky lyrics allow the audience to reminisce on their own love lives and remember how it feels to lust after someone. “Working with Jono Fernandez on this song was awesome. He got that groove down, and it was all swagger from there,” explains Lark. “I ended up re-recording the vocals in the pre-chorus because the first take didn’t have enough swag. I got there in the end by doing a Billy Idol sneer while singing! Jono always pulls out the best in me and seems to know what’s happening in my musical head.”

Hailing from New South Wales, Australia, Lark is a dynamic artist shaped by the music of her upbringing, growing up listening to the sounds of Madonna, KISS, and Swedish pop music. No stranger to the music industry, she has opened for notable artists such as BB King, Johnny Johnson, and Men at Work. This past year, she began her partnership with Australian Independent Producer of the Year, Jono Fernandez, and released her first single, “Unicorn.” The song quickly gained popularity, reaching #1 on the Euro Indie Music Chart. Since then, she has had several #1 singles on the World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Chart. As an artist, Lark is unapologetically herself and strives to live a life of self-love and acceptance.

About Lark

Lark is a fearless and dynamic indie-pop artist from Australia whose unmistakable style is influenced by the icons of her upbringing. Growing up, the boldness of 1984 Madonna, the glamour and attitude of KISS, and the infectious melodies of Swedish pop created a musical foundation that continues to shape Lark’s artistic expression today. With a rich background in the live music touring circuit, Lark has honed her craft on stages around the world, opening for iconic artists including BB King, Johnny Johnson, and Men at Work.

In 2023, Lark started working with Australian Independent Producer of the Year, Jono Fernandez (Sia, Morgan Page). Together, they released Lark’s first single, “Unicorn,” an upbeat and quirky indie pop song brimming with positivity and tuneful hooks. For Lark, the single marks her musical rebirth and is dedicated to her besties. “Unicorn” quickly became a favourite for radio stations around Australia and in Europe, where it went to #1 on the Euro Indie Music Chart.

Following the release of “Unicorn,” Lark released a handful of other singles, including the dance floor no-brainer “I’m With You” and the optimistic indie-pop track “Good Good Energy.” Both singles quickly shot to #1 on both the World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Chart, with the latter maintaining a solid position on both charts for over 5 months! Written for her daughter, “I’m With You” is about unconditional love and acceptance and features a wicked beat and catchy pre-chorus. “Good Good Energy” is inspired by her move away from the big smoke and showcases her reconnection with nature.

Her latest single, “All I Want Is You,” sees Lark stepping into the dance side of indie. With a killer bass drop, infectious groove, and cheeky lyrics, this song is a road trip must-have and another dance floor banger. “The song is about missing someone so much and that sense of urgency to finally be together,” Lark explains. “I may or may not have envisioned myself being in the Fast and the Furious while I was writing this song.”

Unapologetically herself, Lark has embraced her journey of self-discovery and love while merging it with upbeat pop music. Join Lark as she continues to push the boundaries of her artistry and evolve and explore new sonic territories.