Maryland music award winners Fiction 20 Down released their new music video for their single “Love Is It”, which is currently live on YouTube. The single is also on iTunes at, as well as on Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

The concept for the video was to take Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ “Blurred Lines” video concept and turn it completely on its head. The band worked with director Rod Lopez of New Style Independent Pictures to create a visual feel of happiness and lightness to this sweet synth-pop track, as Jordan, Dre, Wes and Deej play on against a stark white backdrop, encircled by family, dancing, embracing and playing. The final product stands out for its pure and honest message, delivered cleanly and clearly: “Love Is It” and family is everything.

Fiction 20 Down will be spreading the #LoveIsIt message across social media, and they want everyone to do the same, showing how #LoveIsIt means something to them personally, from the heart. Per lead singer Jordan Lally, #LoveIsIt is about keeping a proper perspective and always knowing what is really important in life. “My father & best friend passed away last May after a debilitating year-long battle with clinical depression. That same year, my first child was born. The juxtaposition of those life-changing experiences – watching my father slowly lose his life, while watching my daughter begin hers- tattooed one simple mantra into my psyche, love is it.”

In case you missed it, Fiction 20 Down are releasing a new single every month in 2015, staking #YearF20D as an important campaign that will go further than just sharing new songs. The #YearF20D campaign calls on everyone to post their personal story of facing their greatest fears, removing personal roadblocks, and achieving dreams. Stories with the #YearF20D hashtag will be used in a new music video to be released in December of 2015. Pictures and short vid clips are welcome and encouraged.

“New York Thing” was the first single released by Fiction 20 Down, as seen on Global Phenomz:

“Suburban Gangster” saw a February release, with both singles being featured on