1. Black Oak (Barebones Sessions) Molosser 3:46

Swedish duo Molosser play their very own brand of alternative rock with two downtuned guitars and vocals. The band consists of Tess and Jahn, who share a life outside as well as inside the music and currently live at a (very) small farm in Uråsa, in the province of Småland. They met in the city of Gothenburg, where they both played in various bands and constellations ranging from noisecore and riff-heavy rock to improvised jazz. Molosser’s music is the fruit of these and other influences, combined with an inspiration from nature and the countryside, where the action is mostly on a more subtle level than in the city (but plain to see for anyone who’s looking closely).

The result is a kind of music where seemingly simple components – riffs, basslines, melodies – weave together to form a dynamic, vibrant texture with an abundance of detail for anyone who cares to listen a bit closer, and still make a strong, emotional whole that grabs the listener by the neck and won’t let go. Tess performs her lyrics about loss and being lost, about searching for the promised gold at the end of the rainbow and trying to make sense of the way there – all with a voice as naked as it is strong when it whirls and dances across the flowing guitar music.

Reviewers and listeners have mentioned artists as diverse as PJ Harvey, Kyuss, R L Burnside, Radiohead, The Doors and Soundgarden in connection with Molosser’s music, which goes to show that they really sound like nothing else at all.

Molosser’s debut album, Appear, was released in May 2021 and met with acclaim all over the globe (as can be witnessed on Evil Ear’s Reviews & Radio page). On the album, the two acoustic guitars were supplemented with Tess’ drumming and a sparse helping of guitar overdubs, to create an atmospheric yet minimalistic soundscape. In September the same year, Molosser turned into a more direct, rougher path with their thoroughly molosserized cover of AC/DC:s Back in Black, and the duo continue in this new direction on the “Barebones Sessions” series of singles and videos, released one each week In January 2022. These feature new arrangements of some of the most popular tracks from Appear, live and with just the two acoustic guitars and vocals – a more straightforward energy that points towards the new material that Molosser is currently (early 2022) demoing and pre-producing in anticipation of a new album.

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