Novelistme has released his new single titled ‘I Want You Here’. Immediately memorable, this is a song that takes you by the nether regions and spins you around until your just the right amount of dizzy not to care about anything else but getting down to this track. The guitar is next level and the beat is off center while the vocals lessen the mess and make everything come together in a dirty muse like state.

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About ‘I Want You Here’

Well the guitars are influenced by Suede’s classic B side “To The Birds” although it keeps that well hidden. That song, like this one, plays around moving the D chord up and down the neck and that’s where this initial idea came from. But obviously my vocals are pretty un-Suede like. I just don’t have Brett’s range (although the first 2 Suede albums remain firm favourites). In terms of attitude it’s a bit like a battle between Blur and Queens of the Stone Age. Blur as the guitars are a bit kind of scratchy Graham Coxon but QOTSA in terms of it being a bit of a down and dirty rocker along the lines of what they’ve mastered – staying well clear of perm and leather trousers territory! Maybe with a sprinkle of the Strokes?

About The Artwork

So the picture is appropriated. I took a picture of a picture that was being exhibited in a coffee shop / art space in Hackney Wick. I’ve no idea who took it or what the exhibition was about – apart from there were some really great photos. And looking back through my photo archive for a potential cover as soon as I saw this I knew it had to be it – even though I couldn’t correctly credit it. The mysterious person behind the glass seems perfect for the sentiment of the song: I want you here.