Meet Rock Ali and the Addiction: A female-fronted rock collective featuring emotive vocalist Alison Krebs (Aka Rok Ali), guitar virtuoso Chris Nix, heart-beat drummer Kevin Murphy, and versatile bassist Lee Beverly. Combine the four together? And you get unique, noir vibes with sizzling melodies and a solid-as-granite rhythm section.

‘Pulse’ enters- a grimy distorted wail. Next up: crashing drums, a bass groove…and finally, fuzzed-out vocals with a self-assured delivery.

‘Pulse’ is sensual and trudging, distressed, naturalistic at its heart. When Rok sings, she stirs up a primeval feeling that rises in our chest, unable to be contained… She shares her power, and also her feelings of agony. Human-ness.

In the tune, we get hints of metal, and a melodic sense reminiscent of the English alt-rock band, Muse…and even a grimy, creepy-crawly sound that reminds us of Soundgarden-meeting-Incubus. As we orbit around this intense wall of sound, something grows steadily. The lyric “Tell another lie” hits, and it’s not an invitation, it’s a threat.

In this single, Rock Ali and the Addiction are in their element, pulsing with pure power. They are experts at cultivating a dark sound worth swimming in… And the stationary octave drone further perpetuates a sense of firmness and brooding.

Rather than using clean or mellow tones, the group opts for rich distorted timbres that blend together like an expensive, heavy red wine that has just the right amount of bite. But then there’s this sense of ambiguity, too…Thus ‘Pulse’ leads us to inquire…Are we floating in space? Or accessing the Ahaskic record?

As you close your eyes the song fades out with its final ride cymbal hit, and you can almost begin to see runes and hieroglyphics in your mind…

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Exclusive Q&A

Rok Ali-You mentioned being addicted to music. Can you tell us more about that?

I have experienced so many gifts on a daily basis since I went into recovery from many addictions. The greatest gift I received however is finding out who I really am and what I am supposed to be doing!! Learning to live that gift turns into an addiction to doing what you love and the passion and energy around it.

In a world full of overly processed music, how does it feel to make something so raw and emotive? Invigorating, I’d imagine?

Christopher Nix is our guitarist, primary songwriter and producer and uses me as the inspiration along with the rest of the band when he writes and leads us into this gorgeous music. He talks about forming the song and the song wanting what it wants. It is a joy every day we work on this music and everyone in the band has moments of great gratitude that this is unfolding in our lives. It’s interesting – it’s a lot of work, however it is not really tiring.

What mysteries are inside ourselves? Do you think they are mostly unawakened?

Ohhhhhh what a great question!!! I do think that there are countless mysteries or graces inside of us. I think by far the majority of them are unawakened. Some examples are bilocation, or the ability to love people regardless of what they say or do.

‘Pulse’ feels a bit threatening, but also like you’re coming from a place of power. What does the song mean to the group collectively?

We love the song. We never discuss song meanings – we love that each person gets to experience that for themselves.

What project is up next for the band?

We are starting our shows!!! We can’t wait to spend time with everyone!! And our second album which is also called “Pulse” will be released in October.

Lastly, in “Pulse” who is it that silences prayers, and pulls on hair? Is it something inside, or someone outside.

WOW, what a great question – I think what happens outside of us affects us much more than we realize however it is ALL about the inside.