Stacy Crowne has released their new video for the track titled ‘Dead Of Night’. Kicking out the jams may sound like an old hat trick for Stacy Crowne, but what you also get is a rock anthem filled with guitar and angst with a touch of bombastic rhythm hot enough to set fire to the stage and spill the adrenaline.

If this video were in a big d*ick contest, Stacy only needs to take out enough to win.

About ‘Dead Of Night’

German action rockers, Stacy Crowne, have created a new video for the B side of their Action Rock Jukebox 45 single currently available on Screaming Crow Records. The song “Dead of Night” is about falling out of love during these short days and long winter nights. Perfect for this time of year! Filmed and edited by the band, the simple concept features singer Dustin Coutts walking across the Sudbrucke, (South Bridge), which is a railway crossing the Rhine River interjected with clips of guitarist Dominik Sladek. The whole thing was shot with one camera and a cell phone.

If you dig the song, you can get the vinyl at the links below. Also available on all digital and streaming sites.
The 45 single comes in mint green and black vinyl. Extras include a 45 adapter, jukebox tag and stickers. Perfect to put on those beautiful old jukeboxes!

About Stacy Crowne

Stacy Crowne undoubtedly remind us of some Scandinavian high energy rock bands from the late 90ies, but the origins of the band are far away from Sweden and Norway in the Cologne suburbs.

Even as teenagers, the two school friends Dustin Coutts and Dominik Sladek would plug in their guitars and play covers of the Ramones, Hellacopters and Turbonegro, before they wrote their own songs and played their first shows. After an initially changing line-up, the entry of the current rhythm section (Peter Koslowski on drums and Andreas Billstein on bass) in 2011 marks the official beginning of Stacy Crowne.

With their self-published debut EP in 2014, the four of them will draw attention to themselves for the first time. The result are not only two tours and numerous shows – among others as supporting acts for The New Christs, The Casanovas and Electric Eel Shock – but also first contacts to the Californian indie label Savage Magic Records, on which the first official release of the band will be released in 2016 with a 7″ split.

With the firm decision to record the first full-length album in 2018, Stacy Crowne set out in search of a suitable producer – and after a chain of coincidences suddenly sat in the middle of Malasaña, the heart of Madrid. With the support of Sweden’s Ola Ersfjord, who already worked with bands such as Dead Lord, Lucifer and The Hellacopters, ten songs were created and afterwards released on Savage Magic Records (Album title: “We Sound Electric”).

In February 2020 the band followed the invitation of their label from California and played an exclusive concert at the legendary World Famous Dollhut, Anaheim.

During the Corona pandemic three more vinyl releases with new material from Stacy Crowne were being released: in 2020 the compilation “Demolition Derby Vol. 2” (among others with Grindhouse, The Drippers), also in 2020 a split with the German Band “Christmas” and in summer 2021 the “Action Rock Jukebox” single.

After a couple of shows in autumn 2021 Stacy Crowne are hitting the road again in March 2022 and will be playing a seven day tour through Spain.