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    First Listen: Chris Baluyut – Winter, Wait

    Chris Baluyut has today premiered his new single titled 'Winter, Wait' on jammerzine.com. It's been a minute since we last heard Chris on Jammerzine and it is so pleasing to hear him back with a new song.

    The Test Drive: Chris Baluyut – Leap Year

    With a smooth bravado and a distinctive musical swagger, Chris Baluyut really impresses the aural senses with his debut album titled 'Leap Year'. For me, it's those subtle things he does on the guitar that...

    First Listen: Chris Baluyut – Different Days

    Tokyo's own Chris Baluyut is one of those rare artists who are comfortable with making the paradigm shift. He has done it multiple times from moving to Tokyo and becoming firmly implanted in the burgeoning and diverse...