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    Saadin Dassum

    First Look: Saadin Dassum – Tomorrow

    Saadin Dassum has released his new video for the track titled 'Tomorrow'. Saadin is a hard artist to pin to a genre. His songs seem to come from wherever in that private place that true musicians filter their inspiration through to churn out original content. I hear pieces of Joe Jackson and other avant garde pop and music icons but it presents itself as an original piece. That is the mark of a true artist.

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Joel Gion

    The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Joel Gion is a modern renaissance man. In every sense of the word. He has no time for the drama that, more and more, we all seem to get caught...

    First Listen: Joel Gion – Tomorrow

    Stepping into the limelight is never an easy task, and to do that when a band like The Brian Jonestown Massacre is in your resume, it can make it intimidating as well. But percussionist...