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    Daily Dose: Tweed Deluxe – Underground

    Tweed Deluxe is a three-piece blues/rock band from San Diego that combines classic guitar-driven blues with up-tempo drive and catchy melodies. SOURCE: Official Bio LINK: http://www.tweeddeluxeband.com

    Artist Spotlight: Dirty Dishes

    How can one get to know Dirty Dishes? One only needs to ask! And what better way to ask than to talk to frontwoman/guitarist for Dirty Dishes Jenny Tuite. I talk to Jenny about how...

    Brody Ramone: The Art of Putting Dirty Glitter in Your Ears

    Brody Ramone is someone you should never take lightly, or with a grain of salt. You should take her with glitter. Dirty Glitter to be exact. And Dirty Glitter is the name of her show....