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    Vix 20 - Broken Melody

    First Look: Vix20 – Broken Melody

     Vix20 has premiered their new video for the track titled 'Broken Melody'. Taking a large detour from tracks past, Vix20 shows a lighter side of originality with a retro-hook-filled melody-induced track with tips of...
    Vix 20

    First listen: Vix 20 – Tron Takes the Train

    No to the Mundane~ Vix20 releases an Homage to Synthwave! Continuing their trend of pushing the envelope of their repertoire the band known for Power Pop is offering something different this time around. Their latest...
    Vix 20

    First Listen: Vix 20 – Hashtag Change/Me Gwanishi

    Vix 20 release a double dose of aonic assault in the form of their AA singles 'Hashtag Change' and 'Me Gwanishi'. The former is a power rock/pop mix and blend of crunchy guitars and...