The Adventures of Anacleto has today premiered his new single titled ‘giving’ from his upcoming album ‘Saturnia Vol II’. To say this track is original would be an understatement of understating proportions, to say the least and least confusing. This is an adventure with songwriting. Jazz made outside of the box. That type of music some are too scared to listen to but also letting you know they aren’t the kind you want to hang out with anyway because they are too scared to listen to good music.

‘giving’ is a true sonic adventure that shows the listener that music CAN be an adventure. The kind that elevates your senses and just lets you take it all in so you can let it all out. Groove for the sake of groovy, if you will. While some notes seem to be freestyled and gelled into place, everything HAS that place and that place is in your musical heart. Just let it take you in as you press play.

“‘giving’ is a song about why we give ourselves and our energy away — and us not giving it back to ourselves. The song serves as a warning to remind us how important it is to give to yourself too, to make sure you’re ready to take something new on instead of depleting you.”

“I made this song from sampling a very old jam session I hosted at my apartment here in Chicago. I edited, cut, and chopped into its new form, and then I used a lot of vocal tracks to create sound design textures that pan around you in 3D audio. The ending guitar solo section played by Ari Lindo is a full live performance, which was just a magic moment. The song also features Nick McMillan, aka nicholas, on the vocals with me as well.
Alex Santilli

About The Adventures of Anacleto

Donning the moniker The Adventures of Anacleto to share his personal stories and experiences through music, Alex Santilli will be sharing his next album, Saturnia Vol II. This second installment as Anacleto follows his debut Felina Maria Clara Vol. I in late 2022, named after his nonna, but this record is a bit more introspective in its themes, as it touches on Alex’s journey as he turns 30. I’m reaching out to share the second single, the D’Angelo-inspired “giving.”

As a working musician, Alex has also performed or collaborated with KAINA, Mykele Deville, Bonelang, Schenay Mosley, members of Dos Santos, and many more. While he blends together soul, psychedelia, bedroom pop, jazz fusion, and, on occasion, Italian folk, what makes his music unique is that he chops up his improvised recordings, using these sessions like samples to create entirely new songs.

His collaborators include Nick McMillan (aka nicholas), Marcus Darling (Wyatt Waddell, E Woods), Parker Gordon (Woo Park, Nnamdï) Zach Bain Selbo (Cordoba, Karma Fête), Conor Roe, Ari Lindo (Late Nite Laundry), and Will Barnard.