the Jesus Lizard have today released their new video for the track titled ‘Alexis Feels Sick’ from their upcoming album ‘Rack’ dropping September 13 via Ipecac Recordings.

A metaphoric fuck you to the results of modern capitalism and what it’s becoming, the message lies in the lyrics while the angst permeates between the notes with an almost anthemic fervor and fever boiling to the breaking point, which could explode at any minute.

Musically, the song is a sonic exploration of possibilities with a magical fusion of feeling and fury, juggling cause and consequence just under the surface from a band that resides just outside of the box just so they can piss in said box.

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About the Jesus Lizard

Inspired by Girls Against Boys/Soulside drummer Alexis Fleisig’s guarded opinion of modern life, the four-and-a-half-minute track is met with an esoteric, David Yow created video. Yow shares insight into the concept behind the clip: “The ‘Alexis Feels Sick’ video is a disgusting and comically impressionistic portrait of American Late Stage Capitalism… with some doggies.” Duane Denison adds that it’s a “study in greed, gluttony, and… dogs.”

News of the band’s return came last month via The New York Times, who said the new LP is “a raucous record that recaptures the lunging momentum, stealth nuance and unhinged Yow-isms of [their] best work.” “Hide & Seek”, the first taste from the 11-song album, was described by Yow as “a perky ditty about a witch who can’t behave, and it’s got nearly as many hooks as a Mike Tyson fight.” The video captures the band – Mac McNeilly, David Wm. Sims, Denison and Yow – recording Rack with Producer Paul Allen at Nashville’s Audio Eagle Studio.

the Jesus Lizard reconvened in 2009 for a limited number of shows and have maintained their bond both as friends in close contact with one another, and touring bandmates. “We literally only made the record because we thought it would be fun to make the record,” says Sims. With McNeilly highlighting the strong relationship amongst the musicians: “We are bonded by the music we make, and also by the respect we have for each other.”

Album pre-orders, which include several limited-edition vinyl variants, as well as CD, digital, and cassette offerings, are available HERE.

The band also recently announced a number of tour dates, stretching into 2025, with recent additions including a performance at Chicago’s Warm Love Cool Dreams festival on Sept. 28, a newly added date in Cincinnati and second shows added in Dublin and Seattle.