Formed in Liverpool, The Mysterines – frontwoman Lia Metcalfe, drummer Paul Crilly, bassist George Favager and guitarist Callum Thompson – have undergone a radical transformation over the past few years. Fresh with new purpose and reinvigorated from songwriting sessions while secluded away in the countryside (in between playing to 60,000-strong crowds while on tour with the Arctic Monkeys), the band are now about to release the best music of their career.

Recorded and produced by Grammy Award winning producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen) in LA, Afraid of Tomorrows is a deeper and darker foray into The Mysterines’ psyche than its predecessor, and reflects the maturity and growth of the band. “‘Afraid of Tomorrows’ is a mirror where you find you’re nothing more than a formless being, one made from celestial constellations – of traumas, of the old and new, mistakes, addiction, fear and happiness, loneliness, but ultimately a desire for life and the fight to keep living. It’s a collage of what’s been lost and of love unbounded”, says Lia.

The Mysterines are set to embark on their biggest headline tour to date this fall across Europe and North America. The band will play a string of exciting shows this summer, including at Crystal Palace Park as special guests to Bloc Party for their huge 20th anniversary show on July 7, and numerous festivals including Riot Fest in Chicago.

Bolstered by a blistering guitar solo and thunderous drum beats, “The Last Dance” details finding solace in something that is not real. Frontwoman Lia’s imagination dances wildly through the track, as it tells the tale of a person who falls in love with a porcelain mannequin and longs to dance with them.

Lia comments on the song: “I suppose it’s an analogy for what loneliness can do to you. Once you’ve exhausted all the dark alleyways of drugs and alcohol, you end up reaching for something to connect to that isn’t real.”

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Steve Gullick.