Austin Markham has today released his new EP titled ‘Me.’. Written from a personal angle, the deep inside most of us refuse to tread, Austin does it with a suave and swagger found in only the truest and deepest of artists. Artists way beyond his years, and constructs each song around each lyric with musical punctuation that hangs and accentuates each verse where it counts. Austin proves that he is as much an accomplished songwriter and engineer as much as he is an artist.

About ‘Me.’

Me. tells stories of turmoil, revealing personal hardships that have yielded profound impacts on the singer-songwriter. The opening track and lead single, “Look At Me Now,” expresses the dissonance between people’s expectations of us versus who we really are; this song embodies the triumph of self-confidence over self-doubt. Similarly, the anthemic “Changed,” will not only be stuck in fans’ heads, but calls upon listeners to “walk with their head high” in spite of toxic environments we often find ourselves in. The singer-songwriter pushes himself to open up about growing up without his dad on the heart wrenching “Not Okay.” Markham illustrates the importance of faith, intuition, and determination through translating his personal experiences into a bold and authentic project.

Markham based the foundation of this record in his personal relationships. He engaged in intentional conversations with peers across all aspects of his life — his mom, therapist, friends, and collaborators — to isolate the experiences and emotions at the core of Me. Themes like pain, doubt, and loss permeate the project, adding a forward layer of melancholy throughout the arc of the EP.

The tracks on ‘Me.’ are snapshots from some of the artist’s most significant moments in life; reminiscent of icons like Justin Bieber, Markham delivers buttery vocals, undeniable depth, and a fresh take on pop/R&B music. Each track on Me. is polished and filled with personality — there is not one ‘skip’ on this project — showcasing the level of artistry achieved by such a fresh artist. The singer songwriter presents authenticity and vulnerability with a devilish swagger that shows listeners exactly who Austin Markham is at his core.

Me. serves as both comfort and motivation — Markham brings these songs to life with the intention of inspiring hope and action for listeners who have experienced hardship. Growth can be painful, scary, and at times, demand more from us than we feel we are able to give. This is the soundtrack that gives listeners the reassurance to overcome their most difficult experiences, and the permission to celebrate their authentic identity.

About Austin Markham

Austin Markham is a Nashville-based 21-year-old pop/R&B singer-songwriter set to catch your attention with vulnerable lyricism accompanied by buttery vocals. He works endlessly to perfect the music he puts out, and pushes himself to be a role model of confidence, self-love, and perseverance to listeners of all backgrounds. Although his music falls under the pop/R&B umbrella, Markham effortlessly blurs the lines between genres, creating an environment for various discussions and feelings. Fans should look forward to Markham’s debut EP Me., releasing August 13.