1. Thaw (water is life) Dzang 0:30
  2. Retreat Dzang 0:30
  3. Action at a Distance Dzang 0:30
  4. Whale Fall Dzang 0:30
  5. Foreign Body Dzang 0:30

Dzang (aka L.A. producer and musician Adam Gunther) has today released his new EP titled ‘Glacial Erratic. Cinematic and orchestral upon that first listen, their is a set of moods brought forth in the EP that bring a guttural and emotional response, individually with each track, that highlights Dzang’s originality as a musician and his creativeness as an individual.

My initial feeling was that of being on a journey. Listening to ‘Glacial Erratic’ in the dark with a good stereo and a bottle of red. Last time I had this set of feelings and subtle serenity when I did this was when I first heard Pink Floyd’s ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’. This time, however, there were more subtle shifts of calm integrated with reflection.

this is what music is supposed to do. Create an atmosphere. A world. A place to call your own. This, to me, is ‘Glacial Erratic.

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Written, performed and recorded by Adam Gunther
Mixed by Jorge Balbi