The Test Drive: Gris-de-Lin – The Kick

Gris-de-Lin’s music combines elements of post-rock, blues and alt-folk, peppered with twisted electronics.

 ‘The Kick’ is Gris’ first solo project and was recorded in a nursery school in Dorset where she worked with producer Cee (aka Chris Hamilton). His recent credits have included the acclaimed album by American artist Torres as well as new material by Savages off-shoot Kite Base.

 Gris also collaborated on the EP’s title track with producer Clyma, previously of The Infadels.

‘The Kick’ started out as a musical improvisation combining a rugby report from the local newspaper, home-made music samples and experimentation with different instruments. In addition to Cee and Clyma’s involvement, Rob Ellis (Anna Calvi/PJ Harvey producer/collaborator) played drums on ‘Fireworks Begin’.

Gris-de-Lin played most of the instruments on each track herself, from guitars & synths to saxophone and drums. In addition, she is creating her own hand-made films to accompany the tracks on the EP, working with Dorset musician/film-maker Mr Thomas Hughes.

Two tracks from the EP ‘Your Ghost’ & ‘Birthday’ will be released on hand screen-printed 7” yellow vinyl on 1st April. The 7” vinyl will include digital downloads for the whole EP. The song ‘Birthday’ is also being featured on a vinyl compilation for Record Store Day that has been curated by Radio 1 DJ Alice Levine and will be given away in Richer Sounds stores throughout the UK.

Gris-de-Lin is currently touring with Bronzerat artist Joe Gideon and drummer Jim Sclavunos (Grinderman, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth) promoting Joe Gideon’s new album Versa Vice. The tour runs from 15th – 30th March nationwide and follows their recent live session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music.

On The Kick: “Record Of The Day! Saxphonic Kicks with GRIS-DE-LIN… here’s a mysterious, highly talented artist who combines weirdness & melodic brilliance perfectly – une performance tout à fait fantastique…”

On The Kick: “When listening to 180 tracks each week, tasked with selecting just a handful, what gets your attention is inevitably something that stands out or stops you in your tracks. It doesn’t need to be wildly original, it can just be very good, because there is comfort in the familiar, but original and good will obviously win out. With The Kick, Gris-de-Lin has both, and in a world that loves to put things in boxes, you’re gonna need a new box.”

Steve Harris, Fresh on the Net

On Your Ghost: “Mysterious and intense, silent and loud, dreamy and passionate – a spooky beauty of a debut – parfait!”
 Turn Up That Volume

On Birthday: “This was my standout track of the week – in a sea of great songs – what a stunner of a tune! Songs like this give me renewed faith that the UK music scene is bristling with great music. For me the best of it lives underground, emerging with new artists like Gris-de-Lin”
Johnno Casson, Fresh on the Net

“Gris-de-Lin is not yet a name tripping off universal tongues, but it is a moniker that has set tongues wagging within the ‘those in the know’ industry inner sanctum. A debut album scheduled for release early 2016 should see her star soar and explode like a comet, bringing it’s ghostly glow to the inky black sky.”

“What a cracking live session it is”
Melita Dennett, BBC Introducing

“Hailing from Bridport, Dorset, Gris (as we shall fondly call her from now on) is an exceptionally talented, songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and, visionary. “Visionary?” I hear you cry (yes, I do!). Yes – Visionary. Gris is an artist with a clearly thought out, well-defined, unique vision of the music she wants to create, and, of how that music should be produced, presented and hopefully, perceived. Too much to ask for? Not in my book!”
Derval McCloat, Fresh on the Net

“Wasn’t that long ago I was plugging the hell out of Courtney Barnett. Well, here is a new video from someone I liken to Barnett in terms of her adventurous musical spirit— Gris-de-Lin.”
Frank Gutch Jr

“I’m not the only one picking up on Gris-de-Lin. I have a feeling she is ready for big things.”
Frank Gutch Jr


Live Dates:
Tour with Joe Gideon (as part of his band with Jim Sclavunos) – March 15th-30th nationwide
13th April, The Windmill, Brixton, London, with Lone Taxidermist
14th April, Bridport, venue tbc, with Lone Taxidermist