1. Fantastic Company My Name Is Ian 0:30
  2. What’s the Point My Name Is Ian 0:30
  3. The Usual Stuff My Name Is Ian 0:30
  4. I’m On Top Of The World My Name Is Ian 0:30
  5. For Love My Name Is Ian 0:30
  6. Where Is The Time My Name Is Ian 0:30
  7. Never Again My Name Is Ian 0:30
  8. A Thousand And One Songs To Hear Before You Die My Name Is Ian 0:30
  9. Boop Boop My Name Is Ian 0:30
  10. Everybody Love My Name Is Ian 0:30

My Name Is Ian has today released their new album titled ‘Fantastic Company’. For being a band that has had such a sturdy and steady work and release flow over the last decade, to see what they can come up with when they take a couple years into the creative process is interesting, to say the least. Personally, I feel this is a more mature outting than ‘Eleven’, or ‘Peek-A-Boo’, but, that soul that is Ian is still there. Just more refined. There is still that quirky originality that is Ian, as well.

I may be showing my age here, but think if The Dead Milkmen and the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack had a kid…out of wedlock. His name would be Ian.

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About My Name Is Ian

The band’s standard ‘prolific-and-terrific’ approach, culminating in no less than 18 releases since 2010, has been put to one side, with their latest being written and recorded over two years, with time spent in four different locales (Cardiff’s Rat Trap and King’s Road Studios, the pop-up Snowbird Studiosin Riofreddo, Italy and Axe and Trap Studioin Wells). The resultant LP takes a substantive shift from the garage-pop of previous records and leaps double-footed into a charmingly wonky, indie-dance parallel universe where almost anything seems possible.

Placing centrally the multi-layered, pre-programmed beats of in-house production guru, Joseph Coleby, live instrumentation including electric guitar, four different keyboards and synths, smooth funk-soul bass and hand percussion are also liberally sprinkled throughout.

Flanking Reginald Foxwell’s ever-incisive lead vocals are over 20 other singers including members of The Burning Hell, Quiet Marauder, HMS Morris and more. The aggregated effect of this production methodology, musicianship, and spirit of sonic adventurism is a warming, texturally deep and irresistibly catchy set of tracks straddling pop, hip-hop and experimental soundscapes.