1. The Last Laugh Something Like December 0:30
  2. Taste (I Surrender) Something Like December 0:30
  3. Keep Running Something Like December 0:30
  4. Georgie Something Like December 0:30
  5. Closer Something Like December 0:30
  6. Beginner's Luck Something Like December 0:30
  7. See You When The Sun's Up Something Like December 0:30
Something Like December - We'll All Die Laughing
Something Like December – We’ll All Die Laughing

Something Like December has released their refreshing new EP titled “We’ll All Die Laughing” featuring 7 tracks of fueled and on-point musicianship designed to keep the listener’s attention as much as a well-crafted author. Each track stands on its own with hooks abound and each its own personality to the point where it is honestly hard to tell which song is the single here.

“The Last Laugh” is a guitar driven stomper with a stellar anthemic chorus with soothing vocals and a solid rhythm that really takes you on a journey with subtle yet “almost” genre switching changes. “Taste (I Surrender)” begins with a haunting chordal riff before getting right to the point when the rest of the band kick in for the party.  “Keep Running” really surprises with a slightly different take on the clean guitar picking that subtly builds to the chorus with a killer bass line defining the second chorus. “Georgie” gives a songwriting hat’s off to the likes of Bob Mould and Paul Westerberg and really delivers a beautiful lesson in the writing of a popular song.

I could go on and on but this EP is best left for the listener to decide because, with songs like these, it will not take much to turn a listener into a fan.

“We’ll All Die Laughing” is out now on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and more!

Something Like December:
Austin Jones – Vocals and Guitar
Chris Crimmins – Bass
Donovan Ryan – Drums


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