Trevor Phelps has today released his new single titled ‘All My Life’. While the song was written within a single week, it captures a lifetime within the lyrics surrounded by the music.

Inspired by the role models that made this music possible, you feel accomplishment within the gratitude with a song that we all relate to and hope to live up to. Gorgeously uplifted with the melody and presenting the hook on a stage, Trevor is way ahead of his contemporaries with a solid future classic.

About Trevor Phelps

Woven with indie melodies, Phelps’ smooth and relaxed vocals paint a picture of self-discovery. Layered harmonies, pop guitar, and a punchy bass pepper the track. Smart and succinct lyrics reflect a universal message – “…wanting to be the person you’ve always wanted to be before you die.” Influence from the likes of contemporaries Harry Styles, Dominic Fike, Jeremy Zucker, and Role Model is evident. The video, directed and shot by Brooklyn Cruz, follows Phelps walking and cycling around a small town, cinematic pops of color invoking the upbeat nature of the track.

Based in Arkansas, Phelps has been involved with music for as long as he can remember. He began to pursue his passion professionally around the age of 16, creating and producing beats for local rappers. His love for garage rock and indie/alternative music overtook this talent, pushing him to explore songwriting firsthand with a solo debut in 2019. Since then, he has released numerous singles and albums to wide acclaim, even gaining 24k listeners on fan favorite track “Part Ways.” His work has been featured in Existential Magazine, Sinusoidal Music, and WEAREYMX among others.

“All My Life” captures the true heart in Phelps’ music, written and composed entirely by himself within a week. “I had a guitar loop that I really liked, I laid down a bassline, then added the drums,” he shared. “I wrote the verses first while constructing the beat, I kept hearing this nice melody and I went with it. The hook was a little tricky but it came quickly.” The result is the perfect anthem for growing up, an ode to, “trying to be a better person everyday.”

Featured image by Brooklyn Cruz.