WolfWolf, the dynamic Swiss duo renowned for their unbridled energy and unique blend of garage punk and blues trash, has just released their highly anticipated fourth album, Totentanz (Dance of Death), showcasing their evolution as musicians and storytellers. For over a decade, WolfWolf has captivated the underground music scene with their abstract narratives and distinctive sound. Comprising Mr. Wolf and Mr. Wolf, the duo’s latest offering delves deep into themes of mortality, weaving tales of life and death with their signature comic flair. “We’ve always seen WolfWolf as more than just a band; it’s a universe of freaks and dark creatures that we’ve created over the years with our songs,” remarks Mr. Wolf & Mr. Wolf.

Totentanz takes listeners on a journey through the lives of characters often overlooked in everyday existence. From the melancholic to the macabre, each track on the album offers a glimpse into the vibrant yet eerie world of WolfWolf. Recorded at Food Corner Studio in Rorbas by long-time collaborator Lukas Speissegger, the album features a fusion of new wave drum sounds, industrial elements, and the haunting melodies of the Mellotron, adding depth and complexity to the duo’s unmistakable style. Mixing duties were handled by Harry Darling at Lux Noise Studios Basel, with mastering by Robin Schmidt at 24-96 Mastering, Karlsruhe.

WolfWolf’s latest album, Totentanz is a tapestry of sonic storytelling, with each track offering a unique glimpse into the duo’s twisted universe. “Black Hole” serves as a hypnotic ode to the gravitational pull of despair, immersing listeners in a sonic abyss of darkness and emptiness. Meanwhile, “Ghost Of Bran” channels spectral energies into a haunting narrative of vengeance and eternal longing, underscored by WolfWolf’s trademark blend of raw energy and melodic sensibility. “Heavy Sick” delves deep beneath the surface of urban nightlife, exploring themes of danger, desire, and disorientation amidst a backdrop of pulsating rhythms and gritty guitars.

With “Heidi Is Alive,” WolfWolf spins a tale of unintended consequences and existential dread, set against a backdrop of frenetic instrumentation and evocative lyrics. “Holy Water” delves into the unsettling juxtaposition of faith and fanaticism, blending dark humor with sinister undertones in a sonic exploration of religious obsession. “It’s Hot In Hell” fills out the album with a sense of foreboding and existential resignation, combining atmospheric textures with introspective lyrics, inviting listeners to confront the inevitability of their own mortality. Each track on Totentanz contributes to the album’s immersive narrative, inviting listeners to explore the depths of WolfWolf’s twisted universe while embracing the inherent beauty of life’s transience.

In keeping with their commitment to visual storytelling, WolfWolf enlisted the talents of artist duo Barbara and Heini Gut for the album’s cover artwork. Barbara Gut’s captivating sculptures bring the Dance of Death to life, while Heini Gut’s enigmatic lettering completes the atmospheric design. Basel photographer Daniel Infanger beautifully captured the essence of the sculpture in the album’s artwork.

Hailing from Lucerne, Switzerland, WolfWolf is a garage punk duo comprised of Mr. Wolf and Mr. Wolf. Known for their wild energy and unique blend of garage punk and blues trash, the duo has been a driving force in the underground music scene for over a decade. Totentanz promises to be a mesmerizing addition to WolfWolf’s discography, cementing their status as trailblazers in the underground music scene. Totentanz is released in collaboration with Ghost Highway Recordings, Lux Noise, and Off Label Records and is also available on all major streaming platforms and digital stores. With four studio albums to their name, WolfWolf continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their captivating storytelling and distinctive sound.

SOURCE: Official Bio