1. Ian Barrett – The Jurassic Mind of a Genius Jammerzine Exclusive 27:28

Sometimes we all run into someone who’s is so talented outside of the box that you have to sit back and go “wow!”.  This is what I did when I talked with jeweler slash artist Ian Barrett. Some of you may know him as the nephew of Syd Barrett (of Pink Floyd fame) but that’s not who he is at all. He is a craftsman of the jewelry trade and multi genre artist in art as well. He is also an avid fan of the prehistoric and astronomical as well. So much so that he takes Jurassic artifacts from the past as well as meteors and makes customized art for the present. Get to know the man behind the jewelry in the interview above and see how it’s done.

About Jurassic Jewelry:

Having been long fascinated by the wonders of the natural world, Ian Barrett decided to create a new range of jewelry. In the early days he just sold fossil and meteorite specimens, until one day he had a flash of inspiration.

Ian Barrett said …

‘I spent lots of time with fossils and meteorites, and I started thinking about how I could make something exciting with them. With a few simple designs that sold well I simply added more and more new pieces to the collection. After a year or so I chanced upon the name JURASSIC JEWELLERY and I was in business!

When I was made redundant from an office job I decided it was a great opportunity to turn the business full time and see where I could take it!

What could be more exciting than wearing a real piece of space rock! Or a fossil that lived many millions of years ago.’

What started as a hobby turned into a thriving business with a growing reputation. The jewellery has been sold in the legendary Saatchi Art Gallery in London – spiritual home of World famous artists such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. It has been seen in outlets across the globe including the San Diego Air And Space Museum in California USA.

When asked about the unusual materials he uses, Ian Barrett said

‘My jewellery is SO FAR from bog standard. I make intriguing jewellery that incorporates super rare materials such as meteorites and fossils with precious metals. I also often use stunning glass enamel sections and the finished result is a psychedelic piece of wearable art.’

Ian is nephew of the legendary Pink Floyd frontman Syd Barrett. His music inspired millions of people for more than 40 years – and Ian hopes to carry on that tradition.

Being lucky enough to be part of a tribute to Syd Barrett at the Barbican in London in 2008 while wearing some of jewellery at the show it was seen by Andy Bell (Bassist – Ride, Oasis and Beady Eye)
Andy liked it enough to buy a few pieces, and in an interview said:

“I met Ian Barrett a few years ago at the concert for his Uncle, Syd Barrett, at the Barbican. We got talking about things and it seems that the fascination with space which brought us ‘Astronomy in the family Domine’ runs. As soon as I learned from Ian about what he does for a living I bought a few pieces. Jewellery made from ancient meteorites is a great idea and Ian’s interest is infectious. I also make a living from recycling old space rock so we have a lot in common!, ha ha!”

Ben Goldwasser from hip New York band MGMT is also a fan and owns a necklace and comedian and artist Noel Fielding has described the jewellery as ‘Genius’

Sean Lennon – Son of John Lennon also owns a piece of jewellery.

Jurassic Jewellery has been featured in the BBC – Sky At Night Magazine and this bought a lot of interest and sales. They featured a pair of solid silver cufflinks set with an iron meteorite.
As a result of this interest, sales of this piece of jewellery increased more than 500%

As well as selling from the webshop
Jurassic Jewellery supplies websites, shops and galleries around the World and is turning fans into customers wherever it is seen.

In 2014 –a large collection of jewellery was bought for sale by the ‘I F##KING LOVE SCIENCE’ page (http://www.iflscience.com)

Salford Museum: http://www.salfordcommunityleisure.co.uk/culture/salford-museum-and-art-gallery