• First Look: SPC ECO – Under My Skin

    SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) has officially released their new video for the single “Under My Skin”.  Hauntingly eloquent in delivery and beautifully persuasive in execution, SPC ECO captures a spectacular lucid dream with a video that’s as charming as it is eclectic. About SPC ECO Electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO present their

  • First Look: Peter118 – Radio

    Straight, to the point, with all killer and no filler. This is Peter118 in a nutshell. Stomping out a floor destroying mix of retro post punk slash blue collar anthem in under two minutes is never an easy feet yet Peter118 pulls it off with that rebellious swagger and supercharged

  • The Test Drive: Fiona Brown – Demons

    Singer songwriter Fiona Brown is inspired by roots, rock and soul music and her latest EP ‘Demons’ sees her embracing these influences wholeheartedly. Demons represents a coming of age for the multi-instrumentalist who says she’s finally writing and producing the music she’s always wanted to. Brown’s debut single ‘Wisdom’ was

  • First Look: Phil Rudd – Head Job

    Phil Rudd solidifies his rock roots and firmly asserts his reason in rock history with his new video for the title track off of his album “Head Job”. The album has recently been re-released as to get all of the legal BS that can sometimes happen out of the way and

  • First Listen: Batz – Darlin’

    Rising once again from their after-dark, secret underground party lair in the streets of Melbourne, thrash-punk quintet Batz are back in action, and are ready to take it to a whole new level. The gang has crafted their sound into being one of the most progressive post-punk offerings in Australia,

  • First Look: September Mourning – 20 Below

    I would have never thought that a joint venture between music and the comic book genre would have ever taken to flight. But Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri have proven me wrong to the point where I’m glad I didn’t put money on that bet. The resulting venture, September Mourning, is

  • First Listen: Peter118 – Radio

    Originally the solo project of Peter Field, formerly of Stoke-based Punk bands Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom, Peter118 stormed onto the scene with the release ‘Make It Or Break It’ EP in 2014, when Field was joined by his wife Janine on bass and backing vocals, and friend Sam on

  • The Test Drive: Mike Milan Dedic – Mike Milan Dedic

    Virtuosity is never a feat easily achieved, but in those rare times there comes a musician who makes it easier than it actually is. Toronto guitarist Mike Milan Dedic is one such musician. Seamlessly molding the stylings of guitarists as varied as Yngwie Malmsteen, Rick Nielsen, Alex Lifeson, Steve Vai,

  • Tion Wayne Premieres “Minor”

    After the success of his ‘Waynes World 2’ mixtape last year, Tion Wayne is kicking down the door to 2017 with the release of his brand new single ‘Minor’. Courtesy of one of the hottest production teams in the UK right now, Team Salut mix up the flavours with a

  • The Test Drive: .bipolar. – Seven

    Making metal with heart is never easy, but .bipolar. pull it off with brilliance. The tracks on “Seven” have groove and an aural assault second to none as each riff would wet any guitarist’s pallet and each scream is a wet dream in cacophony. Well done!   @bipolarmetal    About .bipolar.

  • House of Penelope – Alteria Art

    Young British art duo Walter & Zoniel have created Photismograms, ‘portraits’ of songs, translating sound waves through liquid and light to create abstract photographic exposures of every note sung and played. The images are overlaid to create a single portrait of the entire song. Currently on display at Alteria Art’s

  • Money & The Man is Ready for 2017 With New Single “5’s & 6’s”

    Their 2016 EP The World Is Burning brought them many concerts, they were featured on festivals in the Netherlands and had gigs on Dutch national radio. The eponymous single reached the #1 position in the Dutch IndieXL Indie Chart. This year they are also featured on the internationally acclaimed Eurosonic

  • Will Chase Emery Davis Win the War Tomorrow With a Song?

    Chase Emery Davis is a New York born, Paris raised, British classical baritone / rock crossover singer-songwriter with a soulful, haunting, yet powerful voice. He blends indie rock, soul & folk genres in lush, emotive songs about love & hope. His new song “Win the War Tomorrow” is no exception.

  • Grog Releasing “Prodigal Daughter” On January 27th

    “Prodigal Daughter” is the latest solo single from la-based Grog Lisee, aka singer/bassist and face of cult rock band die so fluid.The single is a fun one for the girls and for everyone who loves the girls” says Grog. “It’s about the warrior spirit of the lone individual trying to

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