• Daily Dose: Kolade Olamide Ayodeji – Trap in the Night

    Kolade Olamide Ayodeji is a prolific songwriter, beat maker, music producer, lyricist, poet and rapper. He is schooled in Business Administration and Management with a Diploma in Software Application. Kolade writes his lyrics, makes his beat and masters his songs. He is truly unique and original with one of a

  • Daily Dose: StereoViolet – Broken Leverage

    Most people aren’t afraid of the dark. They’re afraid of what they might see if someone turns on the lights. StereoViolet embraces the dark and the darkness of the world we live in. It’s not about finding the light. It’s about adjusting our eyes to see what’s always been there.

  • Daily Dose: The Blue Hour – On the Wall

    The Blue Hour’s latest album, “One More Mystery,” blends dream pop, synth wave, and industrial with hints of psychedelia, folk, and electronica to create hauntingly beautiful songs. The Blue Hour was born of glamor and squalor. Sleeping in abandoned buildings and dancing the nights away in Seattle’s new wave clubs,

  • Daily Dose: David Earl Lewis – Into My Western World

    Born in Texas City, Texas. Grew up in Monahans, Texas. Came to Tarzana, California in 1971 at the age of eighteen. 1st release 1975 “The Loneliest Cowboy” by David Lewis. Recorded at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood. Produced by: Ed Hansen for Edge Records in Hollywood. Hollywood Reporter article 1974:

  • Daily Dose: Pilgrim Speakeasy – Antidote

    Pilgrim Speakeasy began as the freak powered vehicle for the expressions of a psychedelic troubadour from Scotland. Following exotic explorations via Newcastle, London, Denmark and Finland…, the vehicle has since become the driver.. evolving into the worlds foremost Eclecto-funk-world-rock-electro-folk anomaly! Although solely producing albums since 2000, Pilgrim Speakeasy is also

  • Daily Dose: Comett – Dancing At The Paradise

    After the release of their very dreamlike first album, “My reality is your fiction” Comett is back with a rougher and more complex album. Comett is an alternative pop duo founded in 2009, composed of Alexandre (Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals) and Julien (drums / programming). Comet has the particularity

  • Daily Dose: 12 Cents For Marvin – Can’t Take My Soul Away

    It’s rare for a band to have a dramatic artistic impact and dedicated fan base for over two decades. However, the eight-member group 12 Cents for Marvin has done just that, all within the college town of Fort Collins, Colorado. Better known as “12 Cents” by their fans, the band

  • Daily Dose: NonFiction – Money’s My Religion

    Adam Lane (born September 11, 1991), known as NonFiction, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario, NonFiction had his first introduction to music through his family’s church. Being devout Christians, NonFiction and his family would attend church a couple times a week where

  • Daily Dose: I-Maa-Ra – One Thousand Years

    Born Courtney Mark Anthony Stewart, in Roaring River, St Thomas, Jamaica, he started on his musical journey in the mid 1980’s, toasting on Studio 4 Sound System in his home town. After migrating to Kingston I-Maa-Ra began his recording carreer. The legendary Channel 1 Recording Studio was where he recorded

  • Daily Dose: Voluptas Mors – Dim the Lights

    Voluptas Mors is a Barcelona based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and producer whose supporting vocalists were formed at the beginning of 2017. The dynamic group emerges into the entrancing world of electronic music, with their own unique and exclusive project. Their innovative musical style combines elements of trip-hop, downtempo, chill lounge

  • Daily Dose: Lliam Greguez – Elephants

    Lliam Greguez is a macro ice photographer who captures freezing moments of a mountain stream, a creative arts therapist who uses music to engage chronically ill children in five hospitals around New York City, and a recording musician who loves tinkering with sound. After switching colleges and majors from chemistry

  • Daily Dose: Bill March – Don’t Turn Away

    Bill March is a veteran of the Cleveland music scene. He has played solo and with a countless number of bands, in a career spanning over three decades. SOURCE: Official Bio LINK: http://billmarch-music.com

  • Daily Dose: Tyreek Jenkins – So Much

    I’m the most unique rapper coming out of Jacksonville. The industry is looking for something different. Not another copy of what they already have. January 1st 2017. I dropped the hottest mixtape on the planet!. It’s time to change the sound of the music industry! SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS: http://www.tyreekjenkinsmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/TyreekJenkinsMusic http://twitter.com/tjalexwatson

  • Daily Dose: Disconnected Genius – Quietly Into The Night

    Disconnected Genius is an eclectic 3 piece hypnotic rock band who generally utilize a Loud Chorus / Soft Verse dynamic, whilst going down melancholic piano alleys almost as often as delving into punk rock slices of pie. Disconnected Genius’ eagerly unanticipated 2nd LP will be out later this year. SOURCE:

  • Daily Dose: Winter Rye – Temple

    Winter Rye was started by Ryan Douglas Rose, who was intent on creating something that blended ambiance with melody-driven music. The band also includes Ryan’s fiancee, KEM Harris, as well as his friends Spencer Myers and Joanna Harlow, lending percussiona nd vocals, respetively. After completing a degree in English and

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