• Daily Dose: Sara Carlson – Bound For Glory

    I initially signed up for ballet at the age of six. I was mesmerized by the promise of a light blue tutu that would be mine to wear in a “show” at the end of a series of lessons. I did love that tutu, but it wouldn’t be until I

  • Daily Dose: The Arrangement – Burning Alive

    The Arrangement formed in East Lansing in the waning months of 2012. Still reeling from the breakup of their previous effort, Josh Guysky (Drums, Vocals) and Chris Smith (Guitar, Vocals) were searching for anyone looking to start a new project. Fortunately for them, Noah Ford (Bass, Lead Vocals) of Owosso

  • Daily Dose: Mich2050 ft. Flo & Kayonce – Right Now

    Florent (Munyange) Alimasi is a rapper, actor, playwright, and multimedia artist, born in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1996. His creative practice is informed by his personal experiences of displacement and loss caused by war and natural disaster. As a refugee, moving from country to country, Alimasi found

  • Daily Dose: River Oaks – Tammi

    With the release of the Indiana album, River Oaks bring a new feel to a clashing of the classic genres. Lush with high energy vocal hooks, powerful pop rhythms, and an alternative rock edge, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems. Although the songs are diverse from one

  • Daily Dose: Wolverine Ready – Running Man

    Wolverine Ready Born in Chicago, raised in Mariana, Arkansas, Sherazz has been seriously and courageously pursuing a career in music since the age of 13. It was at this young age, after relocating back to Chicago, that he was introduced to Fruity Loops. An amateur, still he worked diligently towards

  • Daily Dose: Grynd Seazon & Noah Archangel – Roll Up

    Grynd Seazon (STX, Breeze, Whoa Vada) met Noah Archangel (The Band of the Hawk), and emabarked in a sparring session of Beats, Rhymes and Life. Originally meeting at a dive bar as drinking buddies, STX and Noah knew each other for years. Then one day, after a Hip Hop Top

  • Daily Dose: Paul Sweeney – The Journey

    I am an acoustic guitarist from Northern Ireland who writes and performs calming, atmospheric instrumentals. SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/paulsweeneymusic/ https://mobile.twitter.com/paulsweeney1970 https://paulsweeney.bandcamp.com/

  • Daily Dose: Lily Lambert – Moving On

    Born in England, part-Irish, part-Welsh songstress, Lily Lambert, approaches pop music with a breadth of musical history in her blood. Like other non-conformists such as Bjork and Enya, Lily is able to put an indelible stamp of originality on her sound; an innocence that pivots between the ethereal and celestial.

  • Daily Dose: John Robert – Eyes Wide Shut

    John Robert is a Canadian Independent Musician, Songwriter and Recording Artist whose music tugs at the heartstrings and comes from his soul. His debut album Dear John is available to stream or purchase now. SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS: https://johnrobert.ca https://www.facebook.com/johnrobert.ca https://twitter.com/dearjohnrobert

  • Daily Dose: Royal Ruckus – The Waitress Song

    Royal Ruckus started with a couple high school kids in Bakersfield, CA in 1998 trying to make positive hip-hop music. They released a number of records, and built a buzz that gained them national attention, and landed them a record deal on a label out of Nashville. After a fun

  • Daily Dose: Embering – Guise Theory

    With the release of “I’m Smarter Than All of You and I Understand Nothing”, Embering bring a new feel to a combination of genres. Lush with addicting progressions, a mix of digital and natural instrumentation, and a sonic wall of sound, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie rock anthems.

  • Daily Dose: SunAyur – Livin’ Inside My Dreams

    All about peace and love. I want to spread peace, love and try to have a positive love movement. The ultimate goal is world peace and world love! But also be informative and give people insight, there is so much more to come. SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS: http://reverbnation.com/sunayur http://www.facebook.com/SunAyurMusic http://twitter.com/sunayur_music

  • Tristan Thompson
    Daily Dose: Tristan Thompson – Man Of Your Dreams

    Tristan Thompson, a 18-year-old Victoria, BC, native, convinced his family at a very young age that he was born to be a performer. Music and dance consumed his life as if nothing else mattered. Drawn to acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michael Jackson, he sang his

  • Daily Dose: The Walker Avenue Gang – Bad Man Road

    The Walker Avenue Gang is a loose confederation of songwriters and musicians who have enjoyed airplay all over the world . Their song ‘ Hand Me Down Things ” has charted on Europe’s Country Music Charts and their song “Justice will Be Done By and By ” has been featured

  • Daily Dose: Julia Kahn – Fade

    Julia Kahn Music is an Indianapolis-based band that cranks out 60’s inspired, new-age pop songs laced with soulful, heartfelt vocals. Balancing an often crazy schedule of being full-time students, gigging, and recording, the band still makes time to collaborate and write on a consistent basis. This tight-knit crew – Danny

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