• Daily Dose: Kristina Schell – Like A Lion

    Singing all her life, this wife and mother has embraced one of her biggest passions–music–giving back to God what He has given. In the process, Northwest singer/songwriter Kristina Schell aims to bless others in the process. SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/KristinaSchellMusic https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/KristinaSchell https://play.spotify.com/artist/1JelMkXddILbb1aRhmFqll

  • Daily Dose: Screens 4 Eyes – Song Of The Sea

    Screens 4 Eyes is an Indie Dreampop / Electro Rock trio from Tel Aviv. Band members include Roney-Leigh Dubnov (drums), Asaf Cohen (bass) and Yael Brener (vocals,keyboards). The band fuses elements of Electronica, Shoegaze and Electro Pop. After their first EP Ask Me Not came out in 2015, the band

  • Daily Dose: Bennett Hughes – Lost and Found

    Back in the late 0’s Bennett moved to NYC from the East Coast of Canada and music began to reflect his thoughts, beliefs, struggles, and triumps with Jesus Christ. Recording had always been a passion but it wasn’t until the move that he finally began to dissect the meanings of

  • The Test Drive: Hightown Pirates – Dry and High

    Introducing Hightown Pirates with their debut album Dry and High with stunning artwork by Pete Doherty. Hightown Pirates is the band formed by Simon Mason. His friendship with Mick Head (Shack) sowed the seed, conceived in Liverpool, took their first steps in opening for Mick Head in Hackney, went on

  • Daily Dose: Henry Metal – Butthead Maven

    We can expect to hear a lot more from Henry Metal. Why? Because we haven’t heard much yet. But from what we have heard, it sounds like the guy has a lot to say. About chicks, about people that annoy him and about many things that we all think but

  • Daily Dose: The Nevergarden – Maybe Tomorrow

    New project, “the Nevergarden” from veteran Artist/ Producer/SESAC Songwriter Dweller-X, a.k.a. Anthony Adams. “What Someday Was” is a collection of original compositions, some old, some new, all redone using the latest audio Kung-Fu and reflecting heavily the classic progressive influences of Genesis, Pink Floyd and the Beatles. Recently accepted by

  • Daily Dose: DJ Roody – Broken

    I am a Producer and Dj Based in Stockholm, Sweden. As a Dj i started in 2008 playing in small bars and the passion of the music started to go deep in my feelings, so i started to upgrade myself and year by year i wanted more and more, 2sd

  • First Listen: Third Frame – What It Do

    Well, they’re back! After a long hiatus and the death of valued conspirator DJ Spot, Ry Gizzy and Ddlux re-unite under the banner of Third Frame and release the brand new retro-rap laden hip-tastical journey known as “What It Do” showing that, not only do they still have the old

  • Daily Dose: Cornerstone – True Confessions

    Austria may be known as the classical music center of the world, but make no mistake – Cornerstone is here to rock! The band, composed of Alina Peter (Vocals, Guitars), Michael Wachelhofer (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals), Steve Wachelhofer (Guitar, Vocals) and Christoph Karas (Drums, Percussion), got signed by the US-based label

  • Daily Dose: Mariana Rivals – Take

    Chris Spada and Brett Middleton began recording under the name Mariana Rivals in 2005 at art school in Brooklyn. These songs are the beginning of a renewed long distance collaboration between their homes in Connecticut and California. SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS: https://marianarivals.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/marianarivals

  • Daily Dose: Ben Gi – Kick Turn (feat. Jenni B.)

    Ben Gi is an electronic dance and pop music artist and producer currently based in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Ben’s musical style is an expression of his passion, combining the catchy melodies found in contemporary pop, the big room dance-ability of classic house music as well as the overall appeal and

  • Daily Dose: Em Jay – No Time Fo’ Trippin’

    Em Jay was born in Lake Charles LA, the 2nd eldest of four children who all had fathers except him. Mother was more interested in the street life and fast times than raising children thus he’s always felt cursed at birth. Days & Weeks would go by without seeing his

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Bettie Serveert

    Today’s Jammerzine Exclusive comes to us all the way from Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the form of Euro-legends of the #Indie scene Bettie Serveert! What I love about this interview is that this is a band with a clear and distinct history, coming from humble beginnings in the early 90s and

  • Daily Dose: 3Dimensional – New One

    Two brothers from Tampa Florida with a unique style of music that can be described as a hybrid of POP, R&B and RAP. Apart from singing, they are seasoned songwriters, musicians, and dancers as well. These two brothers have been recognized internationally as the “Dynamic Duo”. SOURCE: Official Bio LINKS:

  • Daily Dose: Radio Club – To My Bed

    Radio Club was founded by two young men that both realized they had a passion for music that transcended past the borders of one genre, which in turn not only combined different types of music but created a story line of their individual lives through artistic expression. Radio Club originally began

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