The Test Drive (Early Album Previews)


    The Test Drive: Skofee – Joyland

    Skofee has today released her new EP titled 'Joyland'. Coming off with that vibe of an old friend seeking solace while you seek comfort, you find each other at that right moment and support...
    Survival Guide

    The Test Drive: Survival Guide – Request Hotline, Vol 2

    Survival Guide has released her new album of covers titled 'Request Hotline, Vol 2' via Double Helix Records. While you may be familiar with these tracks, as recorded by the original artists, you'll get familiar...

    The Test Drive: Tuvaband – New Orders

    Tuvaband has released her new album titled 'New Orders'. An #indie flavor throughout with distinctiveness and originality purveying through each track, we get an interesting mix with every song as if they got that...
    drinkme - The Creation Sessions

    The Test Drive: drinkme – The Creation Sessions (Remastered)

    The Creation Sessions - Remastered by drinkme Julian Shah-Tayler is re-releasing a beloved project from a generation ago in the form of drinkme's 'The Creation Sessions'. With a remastered tone, one has a hard time distinguishing...
    Good Bison

    The Test Drive: Good Bison – Ghost On Mulholland

    Good Bison has today released their new EP titled 'Ghost On Mulholland'. Feeling like the weight of a full album, we get the six tracks of worldbuilding mashup of urban hook-filled pop-rock-tastical screaming in...

    The Test Drive: Phantoms – This Can’t Be Everything (Deluxe Edition)

    Phantoms have today released the deluxe edition of their latest album titled 'This Can't Be Everything'. Indie mixed with club and sprinkled with innovation, we now have two discs of no filler 'groovetastical' eargasms;...

    The Test Drive: Koenjihyakkei – Nivraym (Revisited)

    Nivraym (Revisited) by Koenjihyakkei 高円寺百景 Koenjihyakkei has today premiered the upcoming and long-awaited album titled 'Nivraym (Revisited)', via SKiN GRAFT Records, dropping digitally and with multiple vinyl versions on February 17th.. This is actually a long...
    Silver Liz

    The Test Drive: Silver Liz – It Is Lighter Than You Think + Q&A

    Brooklyn-via-Chicago based Silver Liz has a new LP out now called 'It Is Lighter Than You Think'. This multifaceted married duo combines Carrie Wagner’s lush vocal talents with Matt Wagner’s production virtuosity to create...
    Tara Bandito

    The Test Drive: Tara Bandito – Tara Bandito

    Tara Bandito is set to drop her new eponymous album on February 10th. Constructed from a set of stellar and unique singles, Tara creates a story filled with world building resonance base solely on...
    Tom Hingley & Gordon Mackay

    The Test Drive: Tom Hingley & Gordon Mackay – Decades

    Tom Hingley & Gordon Mackay are set to drop their new album titled 'Decades' on January 20th. Designed as a memorial for a loved one, 'Decades' sees those memories become music with a feeling...
    Nyte Skye

    The Test Drive: Nyte Skye – Vanishing Out

    Nyte Skye has today released their new album titled 'Vanishing Out'. Full and rounded out with a sound that is signature, Nyte Skye prove that a father and son duo can produce music that...
    Celebration Guns

    The Test Drive: Celebration Guns – Midlife Vices

    Celebration Guns has released their new EP titled 'Midlife Vices' via Really Rad Records. Slightly anthemic in a slacker midlife kind of way, we get a band that has a sound that is original...

    The Test Drive: Populuxe – Uneasy Listening

    Populuxe have released their new and sixth album titled 'Uneasy Listening'. First off; why does all the good sh*t come out when I'm on holiday break? Oh well, it's still worth putting out there...
    Kurt Uenala ft. Dave Gahan - Manuscript

    The Test Drive: Kurt Uenala ft. Dave Gahan – Manuscript

    Kurt Uenala and Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan & Soulsavers) have collaborated on their new joint effort titled 'Manuscript'. Forget what you know, or think you know about either of these musicians, and...
    Dr. Veers

    The Test Drive: Dr. Veers – Deep Glue Sea

    Dr. Veers has released their album titled 'Deep Glue Sea'. Taking risks at times while remaining rooted in the pantheon of alt-indie respectability, there is a feeling of veering off the beaten path of independent music rules with some of the musical choices.

    The Test Drive: Winachi – Heaven In Hell.A (Remix E.P)

    Winachi are set to release their upcoming EP titled 'Heaven In Hell.A (Remix E.P)' this Friday (December 16th). While some of you may have read our take on the lead single, none of you...
    The Vagaband

    The Test Drive: The Vagaband – Midwinter Moonshine

    The Vagaband are set to drop their new EP titled 'Midwinter Moonshine' this Friday (December 9th). That feeling of a group of dear friends playing in your living room, it would be a crime...
    The Awakening, Ashton Nyte,The Passage Remains

    The Test Drive: The Awakening – The Passage Remains + ‘Passage (part I –...

    Ashton Nyte's mega project, known as The Awakening, has released the new album titled 'The Passage Remains' as well as the video for ''Passage (part I - IV)'. Both dark and earnest in construction and...
    Bri Oglu

    The Test Drive: Bri Oglu – Somewhere Else

    Bri Oglu has released her new EP titled 'Somewhere Else'. Subtly gritty with that angelic soul vocal giving us a bit of old-school, we get shades of Bri in different aspects of talent with said soulful vocals lending a hand and heart to those who listen and eventually follow.
    Ada Marques

    The Test Drive: Ada Marques – Creature of Habit

    Ada Marques has today released her new EP titled 'Creature of Habit'. Songs of solitude filled with choruses of comfort and originality abound, 'Creature of Habit' offers enough diversity to spark the interest while...
    Friends Of Our Youth

    The Test Drive: Friends Of Our Youth – That Was Then

    Friends Of Our Youth have released their new album titled 'That Was Then'. Almost like an injection of fresh Mancunian-born fresh musical air, or an aura of originality, take your pick. Whatever it is, it permeates the sound around me at this very moment. We get that fuel-fired set of songs that have Loche Ness lyrics over monster-magnet hooks that add flavor to that perfectly seared steak.
    Roger O'Donnell

    The Test Drive: Roger O’Donnell – 7 Different Words For Love

    Roger O'Donnell has today released his new album titled '7 Different Words For Love’, on his label 99X/10 (pronounced Ninety-Nine Times Out Of Ten).
    Cara Louise

    The Test Drive: Cara Louise – Wholesome Dread + Q&A

    The world has become a much different place in the past two years. Some artists have chosen to lean into the massive shift in perspective and circumstance. One of those artists is Nashville songwriter Cara Louise. Holed up and writing songs during the pandemic, she has released a soulful, vibrant debut album aptly titled Wholesome Dread.
    The Battery Farm

    The Test Drive: The Battery Farm – FLIES

    The Battery Farm are set to release their new album titled 'FLIES' on November 18th. More a lucid concept than an album, you get a journey within the collective tracks and a feeling that you've discovered something you will take with you in that other journey known as life.

    The Test Drive: Superdestroyer – Goon + Q&A

    Sometimes, the best artists hide a lot of themselves in order to create something universal. It’s easier to be honest with strangers every once and a while. By maintaining anonymity, Columbus City’s Superdestroyer is able to create music about the human condition that feels unhindered by a creator’s persona. All we know of Superdestroyer is the music, and what’s here on this newest record GOON should endear this artist to us forever.