Sara De Sanctis

    First Listen: Sara De Sanctis – Astray/Have I Been Dreaming

    Sara De Sanctis is set to release her new single titled 'Astray' on December 2nd. Hauntingly brilliant and musically defiant, the single, as well as it's B-Side counterpart, show off not only Sara's talents...
    Plastic Barricades

    First Look: Plastic Barricades – Lucid in the Fall / Tallest Trees

    Plastic Barricades has released a double video feature in the form of videos for their new tracks titled 'Lucid in the Fall' and 'Tallest Trees' from the upcoming 'We Stayed Indoors' album.
    Roger O'Donnell

    The Test Drive: Roger O’Donnell – 7 Different Words For Love

    Roger O'Donnell has today released his new album titled '7 Different Words For Love’, on his label 99X/10 (pronounced Ninety-Nine Times Out Of Ten).
    Beauty In Chaos

    First Look: Beauty In Chaos – Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) + Exclusive Interview

    Beauty In Chaos have released their new video for the cover of the Concrete Blonde classic 'Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)'.
    The Trouble Notes

    First Listen: The Trouble Notes – Mayahuel

    The Trouble Notes have today released their new single titled 'Mayahuel'. In a world that is welcoming globalization as well as fearing it, we get a refreshing take from those who have been there...
    Zeeteah Massiah

    The Test Drive: Zeeteah Massiah – Wat A Ting

    Zeeteah Massiah is set to release her new album titled 'Wat A Ting' on November 18th. Zeeteah is an artist that, while she needs no introduction, she also has that reputation that keeps her solidly in the cool kids section.
    Stella Wembley

    First Listen: Stella Wembley – Loving The Alien + Remix

    Stella Wembley has released her new single and remix for the classic David Bowie track 'Loving The Alien'. Stella has always had an original way about her. Not just musically but as a complete brand in the independent music scene. Forever conscious of what she does creatively, she gives an aura of confidence and risk within her music that is a rare thing nowadays. Going left when others would go right. And, for her, it works.
    The Company Stores

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with The Company Stores + Album Premiere

    Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Matthew Marks from The Company Stores as well as the premiere of their new album titled 'The Family Album' releasing tomorrow.

    First Look: Marlowe (L’Orange & Solemn Brigham) – Past Life

    Marlowe has released their new video for the single titled 'Past Life', from their upcoming album 'Marlowe 3' releasing October 28th on Mello Music Group.
    King's X

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with King’s X + New Album & Tour Dates

    Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with dUg Pinnick of King's X. Today is the release of the first King's X album in 14 years titled 'Three Sides Of One' (stream below).

    First Listen: IOTA – Sometimes

    IOTA has today released their new track titled 'Sometimes'. A love letter to a comrade now gone, we get an appreciation for life via a musical poem and love letter to those we have lost and will lose. Life is short. And, to be honest, this song came at the right time for me, personally. Feeling my own mortality through stupid choices I've made while my life has handed me a new existence. that may sound confusing, but we're all going through that very same thing. Just on different levels and through different circumstances.
    Chuck Wright's Sheltering Sky

    First Look: Chuck Wright’s Sheltering Sky – Giving Up The Ghost

    Chuck Wright's Sheltering Sky has today released the new video for the track titled 'Giving Up The Ghost' featuring Whitney Tai from Chuck's eponymous album on Cleopatra Records.

    First Look: Skinner – Dog Daze

    Skinner has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Dog Daze’ via Faction Records.
    Natalie Duncan,Found Myself

    First Listen: Natalie Duncan – Found Myself + Remix

    Natalie Duncan has today premiered her new single titled 'Found Myself'. With a remix and instrumental, you get a gamut-spanning musical trinity of a song that signifies the transition of an artist and the progression of an art form.

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with x-blu + Video Premiere

    Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with the rising musical juggernaut known as x-blu as well as an exclusive premiere of their new video for the track titled 'Time and Tide'. From the UK to the world with a sound all their own, x-blu is a privilege more than a subject here at Jammerzine. And now the family has grown by two with the addition of Fraser Skimmings (bass) and Tom Bevan (Drums).

    First Listen: mUmbo – Don’t Even Mind The Rain

    mUmbo has released their new single titled 'Don't Even Mind The Rain'. Subtle with a hook yet powerful in that musical stance and layered instrumentation under an angelic vocal track, 'Don't Even Mind The Rain' is one of those songs that grow on you over time. The kind you miss when it's not there to quench your thirst. The kind you listen to parts of over and over again and wonder how everything was so nicely pieced together.
    Garrett Paknis

    First Listen: Garrett Paknis – Bad Behaviour + New Video

    Garrett Paknis has today premiered his new single titled 'Bad Behaviour' from his upcoming EP. Sexual freedom and liberation have a new anthem with a cheeky naughtiness and subtle snark found in the best artists; the kind that are not afraid to say what's in their mind.
    Fred Kelly

    The Test Drive: Fred Kelly – still

    Change isn’t all bad. Having recently moved from Boston to Chicago, Fred Kelly can attest to that fact. In their new EP Still, Kelly finds solace in change. This deeply personal 3-track release reflects on transformation and acceptance.
    Sophie Pecora in wild flower field, feb 2022

    The Test Drive: Sophie Pecora – To Save The World

    Sophie Pecora has today released her new EP titled 'To Save The World'. For an artist so young who has already done so much it's refreshing to see that she has so much left to accomplish.

    The Test Drive: Houses and Hotels – Never Knows Best + Exclusive Q&A

    Brad, Amir, and Tynan are long-time friends and bandmates who have put their heads together on many creative projects, including Houses & Hotels. Their first professional album “Never Knows Best”, delves into the topics of unrequited love and mental health. They descend into raw emotion and the feelings of alienation that come with being in regrettable relationships; this emotional exploration is paired with a jamming post-punk/the aughts/shoegaze instrumental backdrop.
    Brian May & Graham Gouldman

    First Look: Brian May & Graham Gouldman – Floating In Heaven

    The most powerful telescope ever launched into space, the James Webb Space Telescope - launched December 2021 and which entered orbit in January 2022 – finally becomes operational this week.
    Nate Paladino

    The Test Drive: Nate Paladino – Drown With Me

    Nate Paladino has today released his new album titled 'Drown With Me'. Solidifying his reputation as a songwriter, Nate gives a solid set of stories set to music with his own attitude and style.
    Joe Hertz,Hideaway,Sebastian Gaskin

    First Listen: Joe Hertz – Hideaway (ft. Sebastian Gaskin)

    Joe Hertz has today released his new single titled 'Hideaway', featuring Sebastian Gaskin. Smooth with the rhythm and soulfully sharp with each lyric, 'Hideaway' is that slow burn meant for summer and that fill-my-heart track with just enough RnB to crossover and that feeling that only your next favorite song can give you.
    Dylan James

    First Look: Dylan James – Let’s Talk

    Dylan James has today released his new video and single titled 'Let's Talk'. Seen as the epitome of a grass roots artist achieving stardom would be a slight understatement because Dylan has done this on his own terms.
    Kaurna Cronin - Harsh Beauty

    The Test Drive: Kaurna Cronin – Harsh Beauty + Tour Info

    Karuna Cronin has today premiered his new album titled 'Harsh Beauty', releasing everywhere June 24th, 2022. When I heard that first track that introduced me to Kaurna I heard something that captivated me. Kaurna is a storyteller as much as he is a songwriter.