• First Look: Society 1 – It’s Yours Now

    Legendary Southern California Industrial Metal group Society 1 has signed a deal with DSN Music to release their upcoming album Rise From The Dead, scheduled to release this March. Society 1, which was founded in 1996 by the infamous Lord Zane on lead vocals, also features veteran guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle,

  • First Look: Red Queen – Insidious

    Las Vegas based Hard Rock / Metal band Red Queen have released the official music video for “Insidious,” off of their debut EP Star Blood. Released in 2016, Star Blood and was written, produced, and recorded by Elena Vladi and Patrick Crisci. “Insidious,” was directed by Elena Vladi, Co-Directed by

  • First Look: Blacktop Mojo – Pyromaniac

    Formed in September 2012, armed with a simple demo and a dream, they set out to play as many shows as they could, touring and sharing the stage (with the likes of Aaron Lewis, Saving Abel, & Puddle of Mudd, among others.) During that time, Blacktop Mojo’s self-released their first

  • First Look: The Silence Factory – High

    Windsor, Ontario rock band The Silence Factory has released the Official Video for “High,” the second single off of their upcoming EP due out later this year. Produced by Juno award winning and Grammy nominated producer Gavin Brown (3 Days Grace, Billy Talent) and the video directed by Jendo Shabo

  • First Look: Someday – Last Lesson

    Trippy and musically fantastic, the new track from Italian band Someday titled “Last Lesson” is a fast paced hook laden track with hooks galore and a steady two-speed rhythm that chugs along with carefree reckless abandon. Until you listen to the lyrics. But, as in life, happiness is always made

  • First Look: SPC ECO – Under My Skin

    SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) has officially released their new video for the single “Under My Skin”.  Hauntingly eloquent in delivery and beautifully persuasive in execution, SPC ECO captures a spectacular lucid dream with a video that’s as charming as it is eclectic. About SPC ECO Electronic dream pop duo SPC ECO present their

  • First Look: Peter118 – Radio

    Straight, to the point, with all killer and no filler. This is Peter118 in a nutshell. Stomping out a floor destroying mix of retro post punk slash blue collar anthem in under two minutes is never an easy feet yet Peter118 pulls it off with that rebellious swagger and supercharged

  • First Look: Phil Rudd – Head Job

    Phil Rudd solidifies his rock roots and firmly asserts his reason in rock history with his new video for the title track off of his album “Head Job”. The album has recently been re-released as to get all of the legal BS that can sometimes happen out of the way and

  • First Look: September Mourning – 20 Below

    I would have never thought that a joint venture between music and the comic book genre would have ever taken to flight. But Emily Lazar and Marc Silvestri have proven me wrong to the point where I’m glad I didn’t put money on that bet. The resulting venture, September Mourning, is

  • First Look: Olivia May – Tonight

    Olivia May has released a gorgeous video for her song titled “Tonight”. I’ve liked Olivia since we first heard of her late last year. She really dives into her work as an artist and it shows. And that demands respect because a lot of artists will just throw their product

  • First Look: Rachel Mason – Roses

    Rachel Mason gives performance art a new meaning with her latest video for the track titled “Roses”. A combination of avant garde and dystopian landscape with a dash of pop reverence, “Roses” becomes a catchy duo-tone-esque track with a chorus hook relevant to any genre. Bravo! About Rachel Mason and

  • First Look: Bakery – Go In

    Filmed on an island, in Messe Nord Train station and at an escalator entrance. There is a magical story of an orange born in Berlin and ripped to pieces by a beautiful woman in an untraceable place. This video Visually encompasses our mixture of sounds and backgrounds that have brought

  • First Look: Magazine Gap – In Two Minds

    Magazine Gap open up 2017 with the release of their new single “In Two Minds”. This latest offering from the London three-piece is the opening shot across the bow of 2017 from this impressive rock band. “In Two Minds” heralds a slight change in direction from the band with this

  • First Look: Cannibal Animal – Grand Theft Manual

    Filled with dystopian rebellion and fueled anarchistic reverence, Cannibal Animal’s weapons come to bear in the form of their new single “Grand Theft Manual”. The song kicks in almost from the get-go with a slight sonic warning from a single clean guitar before the track aurally brutalizes you with a to-the-point

  • First Look: Adoration Destroyed – In Elegant Decay

    With one eyeliner-stained eye looking back over a black-clad shoulder, Adoration Destroyed has arrived with a sound that simultaneously harkens back to the dark electronic music of the past, seductively merged with bleeding-edge production culled from modern EDM. This Austin, TX-based band features leader Erik Gustafson (also a member of

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