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    Alysia Kraft,First Light

    The Test Drive: Alysia Kraft – First Light

    Alysia Kraft has released her new album titled 'First Light'. Part confessional, part inspirational, part introversion, what we get is all Alysia. This is her story. The best part? She is relatable. I like her. She plays from the heart and she wears that heart on her sleeve. I had the privilege of interviewing her last month and now, after listening to 'First Light' in it's entirety, I can honestly say this is an album about us, from her. A gift, perhaps? Maybe.
    Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for 5/30/2022

    Jammerzine’s The Week in #Indie for 5/30/2022

    Chuck Wright gives Jammerzine an exclusive interview for the release of his new album and project titled 'Chuck Wright's Sheltering Sky'. We also have an exclusive interview with Wallis Bird for her new album titled 'Hands'. Also exclusive interviews with Chris Tavener, Alysia Kraft, and Kenny Dubman. Premieres and new albums/singles/videos from Sunstroke Rain, Roqy Tyraid, Kat Koan & the Lost Souls, and Sam Louis.
    Alysia Kraft

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Alysia Kraft + New Video

    Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Alysia Kraft as well as a first look of her new video titled 'Hamilton Pool', with both the single and video releasing today. Having already proven herself with Whippoorwill...