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    Jamie Beale

    First Listen: Jamie Beale – Borderline

    Jamie Beale has today released his new single titled 'Borderline'. The song got me from that bassline on. It's got that infectious quality about it that says 'underground' but whispers 'timeless'. I kind of...

    First Look: Heidrunna – Borderline (Visualizer)

    Heidrunna has today released her new video for the track titled 'Borderline'. A visualizer that captures the essence of the song via motion-sketch art, 'Borderline' showcases Heidrunna's sensual yet angelic vocals amidst an electro-orchestral backdrop that delivers a pop-power-punch and an enthusiastic panache for

    Daily Dose: Operapia – Borderline

    Operapia was started by Angelo Filinesi (guitar) and Danilo Magni (vocals) in 2011. Originally a classic rock band, they mainly do live dates in Northern Sardinia, Italy, until 2012. That year, a new project...

    First Listen: Art Block – Borderline

    Art Block is a singer/songwriter from East London and has just released his new song, "Borderline. This song is beautiful. There is no other way to describe it. Rarely is the case nowadays when...