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    First Look: Earthset – Bound (Live Recording Session)

    Earthset have released the visual performance aspect of their latest album 'Bound'. Beautifully constructed and visually introspective, 'Bound' delves into the performance of a band on the fringe of absolute originality. To me, that's...

    The Test Drive: Earthset – Bound

    Earthset have today released their new album titled 'Bound' via Dischi Bervisti/Costello’s.. While we've been teasing this for a while now, today is the day. Earthset is a band that deserves an announcement like that. They are one of the few that truly have, not only an original sound, but an original plan about how to present their music and further their careers.

    First Look: Earthset – The Mirror

    Earthset has released their new video for the track titled 'The Mirror', from their upcoming album 'Bound', dropping on March 8th.
    Earthset - Tourists and Terrorists

    First Look: Earthset – Tourists and Terrorists

    Earthset return with the latest video and single titled 'Tourists and Terrorists', from their upcoming album 'Bound', dropping March 8th, 2022.

    First Listen: Earthset – The Stranger’s Eye + Video

    Earthset has released their new single and video titled 'The Stranger's Eye', from their upcoming album 'Bound'. Almost as if from another world... another time, Earthset captures that moment of surrender to the music...

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Earthset

    Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Italian band Earthset. This band, to me, is one of the reasons I created Jammer Direct and Jammerzine. Their music evolves deeper and deeper into the truest form of originality and their career takes them to original places others rarely go.