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    Brian Bulger

    The Test Drive: Brian Bulger – Dissolve

    Brian Bulger has released his new album titled 'Dissolve'. Brian shows that he is a detailed songwriter with a penchant for the hook and subtle diversity.

    First Listen: Melodywhore – Dissolve (feat Rath Campbell, UEC & Sapphira Vee)

    Dark Wave Synth Rocker Melodywhore announces the first 2020 release is a duo of tracks, one a rework of an old Melodywhore track and one brand new song, Dissolve and Paid In Full. While...

    First Listen: Lifecycle – Dissolve

    Lifecycle are a live electronic three-piece from East London, fusing breakbeats and psychedelia with improvised digital manipulation. They started life in the late noughties, putting out a string of experimental dance 12"s on London...