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    Mike Badger

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Mike Badger

    Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with singer/songwriter/guitarist/artist/sculptor Mike Badger. Mike has long ago solidified his name and reputation in all of those above genres and artforms, yet he still stays relevant and fresh.
    Mike Badger

    First Listen: Mike Badger – Beatin’ a Path (To Your Door)

    Mike Badger is set to drop his new single titled 'Beatin' a Path (To Your Door)' on July 22nd. From his upcoming album ‘Papa Badge Light The Blue Touch Paper’, we get a glimpse of that dirty nitty gritty sound that is the rusty raucous rockabilly style jam. The type where you sing through the harmonica mic and say fuck you to the establishment with a guttural no nonsense swagger only a true rebel can provide.