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    Miles Francis

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Miles Francis + Good Man Album Out Today

    Miles Francis has today released they/their new album titled 'Good Man'. And today we have the double treat of showing you that album as well as getting an insight from the one they/them in the form of an exclusive interview with Miles Frances via Zoom as well as feature they/their upcoming and original performances in support of 'Good Man'.
    Miles Francis - Service (Overcoats Remix)

    First Listen: Miles Francis – Service (Overcoats Remix)

    Miles Francis has released their new remix single titled 'Service' (Overcoats Remix). The Deft duo that is overcoats add a layer of snark and an ounce of groove to an already layered track from Miles.
    Miles Francis

    First Look: Miles Francis – Popular

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/Xa6b-4YGe54 Miles Francis has today released their new video for the track titled 'Popular'. Taking somewhat the balance between the ego, superego, and the id, Miles filters that through the narcissistic tendencies of social media...