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    Nicki Wells

    Daily Dose: Nicki Wells – The Night

    For nearly all of us, our first exposure to music would have been the lullabies sung to us as infants. We go forth into life with that sense of being lulled into sleep by...
    Nicki Wells

    Daily Dose: Nicki Wells – I Have Longed To Be Here

    ‘I Have Longed To Be Here’ is the latest single from the forthcoming debut album Ellipsis from Nicki Wells, following her recent singles ‘Carry On’ and ‘You’re Alright Kid’. Showcasing her spectacular vocals and drawing...
    Nicki Wells

    Daily Dose: Nicki Wells – Carry On

    Following on from the reassuring sentiment of ‘You’re Alright Kid’, singer, songwriter, composer and producer Nicki Wells releases her second single ‘Carry On’ from her forthcoming debut album. Embedded within the rich tradition of British...