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    An Interview with Beauty In Chaos & The Unveiling of 'Unveiled'

    Jammerzine Exclusive: An Interview with Beauty In Chaos & The Unveiling of ‘Unveiled’

    With the unveiling of 'Unveiled', the latest documentary about the mega-collab musical family known as Beauty In Chaos, we get a vivid timestamp of a vast collection of musical artists in the midst of a crossroads in many careers. Where their first documentary, 'Behind The Beauty: Remixing The Chaos' found curator Michal Ciravolo and Beauty In Chaos forging the roots of what was to become Beauty In Chaos, we find with 'Unveiled' a creative expansion and diversification of what the music can become.
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    The Test Drive: Beauty In Chaos – Behind the Veil Album + Grasp The...

    The musical collective known as Beauty In Chaos are back tomorrow (2/22/22) with their new album titled 'Behind The Veil' via 33.3 Music Collective as well as the official premiere of their new video from said album featuring Betsy Martin (Caterwaul, Purr Machine) titled 'Grasp The Stars'.