Even before 11 year old twin brothers, Vittorio and Vincenzo of the rock band, V² could finish their two song set at the 24th Annual LA Music Awards show, everyone in the Avalon Theater was on their feet, applauding and cheering the youngest artists to ever grace the LA Music Awards stage and the only artists in the 24 year history of the awards show to have a shot at winning in seven categories.

The rock virtuosos played the title track to their debut album We Are V² and then brought the house down with their rock anthem, Long Live Rock N Roll, all to the amazement and delight of Hollywood celebrities, music industry executives, and those lucky enough secure a ticket to see Rock N Roll history in the making.

As V² (pronounced V Squared) finished their performance to the roar of the crowd, LA Music Awards producer, Al Bowman walked on stage with seven award plaques, and shared with the audience that in his 24 years of producing the LA Music Awards, he had never witnessed such an amazing performance by any rock artists, of any age, let alone 11 years olds!

He proclaimed Vittorio the greatest 11 year old guitarist in the world, and with his twin brother Vincenzo, equally adept on the drums and vocals, Al Bowman crowned V² the winners in all 7 nominated categories by thousands of votes logged from fans around the world.

Said Bowman,

“The LA Music Awards has never seen such amazing talent at such a young age. These kids are already pros at 11 years of age, as everyone in the Avalon theater witnessed here tonight. We just saw Rock N Roll history being made! No artist has ever won seven categories in our 24 year history. With their performance, Vincenzo and Vittorio made believers out of everyone in the house, including the other performers. There is good reason why V² received more votes than all the other artists combined. Vittorio and Vincenzo are the future of Rock N Roll.”

V² won the following categories of the 24th Annual LA Music Awards:

  • Record of the Year: WE ARE V²
  • Rock Album of the Year: WE ARE V²
  • Rock Artist of the Year: Vittorio and Vincenzo of V²
  • Hard Rock Band of the Year: Vittorio and Vincenzo of V²
  • Rock Single of the Year: Long Live Rock and Roll, V²
  • Guitarist of the Year: Vittorio of V²
  • Live Performance of the Year: V² Live Concert 2

After receiving their seven LA Music Awards plaques, V² delivered an acceptance speech well beyond their years, thanking the LA Music Awards, family, friends, and the thousands of fans who voted for them.

Vittorio also thanked the legendary rock producer Ron Nevison for producing their debut album and their voice coaches for helping them with their vocals. Vincenzo thanked their father for playing AC/DC’s Back in Black for them when they were only seven years old and telling them the story of the two brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young who attended Catholic school just like them, started a band when they were teenagers and grew into rock gods.

In a gesture that brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience, Vittorio walked to the edge of the stage to thank his mom for singing and playing classical music to them before they were even born and passing all her musical talents on to them. He then reached out to her so she could touch his Guitarist of the Year award plaque as he said, “I love you Mom.”
When asked how it felt to win seven awards, Vittorio responded,

“It was such an honor just to be nominated and asked to perform. To win, not just one, but seven, is well, it’s unbelievable.” Vincenzo adds,“This is a dream come true! I haven’t been this excited since I was 7 years old and the Giants won their first World Series!”

When asked what they are going to do next, Vincenzo shouted,

“We’re going to Disneyland!” Vittorio smiling, said, “Yes, we are going to have some fun and then we are going to get back into the studio with the same team to produce our next album, Pass the Rock N Roll Torch.”

It appears the torch has already been passed to V².

SOURCE Vittorio and Vincenzo of www.VSquared.rocks