Forget drinking tea and dunking biscuits in front of a roasting fire, summer is in sight, grab your best headphones and bump Leeds/Bermuda-based duo 1Undread’s new self-titled EP.

1Undread is Brian and Nic Swan. The two met at a Leeds Drum and Bass club in 1997 and have been making sweet music ever since (and also got hitched!). Collectively the pair infuses lush vocals with live instrumentation, which together assists in the production of a distinctive alternative soundscape.

The 1Undread EP combines classically deep bass orientated intensity with a blend of jazz and blues vibes for an enjoyable trippy sound that boasts genuine diversity and authenticity.
More info on the EP

Starring 10 new-tracks, with music and production by M. Brian Swan and vocals /coproduction by Nic Swan. There is a 90’s flavour that’s fused with a contemporary and futuristic atmosphere.

After several Years of releasing Trip-Hop and Dubstep tracks on a number of independent lables (including Permanent Damage and Broken Trax) 1undread have decided to go back to their roots in Drum n Bass.

All tracks on the forthcoming EP are previously unheard and range from the Dark post Dubstep sound found on “Space Madness” to the down tempo Trip hop of “When Beauty’s Real”. Meanwhile the main focus is Drum and Bass with Jungle influenced “Murdurah Tune” and the Grime infused “Dangerous Tune”. Collectively the songs ask the listener to look inward, recall the past and strive forward.

Preview of the forthcoming new album from 1UnDread self titled 1undread 7 tracks out 10 of the album tracks