93FEETOFSMOKE has today released the new single known as ‘Feel Something At All’. Hyped in hip and strung from the soul of someone needing a change, we get a song meant for the mind and filtered through the heart.

That feeling of angst and a penchant for instant rebellion, we get a sonic documentation of the new normal known as needing to fuel that sparse part of your being with anything that gives you a case of the feels. Whatever that is. Whatever that may be. Because the true enemy is that void called boredom. The nothingness that gives us doubt and everything else we can’t guess the behavior of. The unknown.

Musically set forth with a bombastic beat and a deceptively upbeat hook, ‘Feel Something At All’ becomes the anti-anthem in us all by making that said above stare us in the face. Stare it back.


93FEETOFSMOKE is a singer-songwriter/producer from Virginia and based in LA who has been making a lot of noise in the emo-rap scene for the past few years. Since 2015 he’s racked up over 100M streams across his catalog as an independent artist and has gained a very loyal fanbase. He released his Photo Finish debut album in July with features from phem, guardin, Kamiyada+, Tosh the Drummer and more.

To promote the album he went on tour with both Belmont and Travis Mills’ band girlfriends and hosted an album release party at LA’s iconic venue The Roxy. “FEEL SOMETHING AT ALL”, the first single of 93FEETOFSMOKE’s next album entitled SUCKER, was co-written with Underoath’s Aaron Gillespie and co-produced by Aaron and 93’s frequent collaborator Aaron Osborne. It’s an energy-filled Pop-Punk banger that’s a natural transition from his last body of work.