This is one of those unique moments in Jammerzine where we get to see those magics moments in every band or artists future legacy. We see the diversity in the playing and the panache in the presentation.

And, with that said, we see seven examples of said diversity within x-blu. It goes beyond the recent lineup additions and the natural progression musically. It’s what happens when you take the seeds of independent talents and sow the seeds into a collective fruit.

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About x-blu

x-blu are an indie rock band that was formed in 2021 and are Avant-garde post-punkists with influences including Velvet Underground, New Order, Sam Fender, the Doves and 70’s disco/ funk and who play out like Joy Division meets Nico.

x-blu are from Thamesmead, SE London and have built a reputation for passionate live performances and the innovative use of digital media. They are a band from diverse backgrounds and equality and diversity are at the heart of their ethos.

x-blu are Gary Parker (guitar, key boards, vocals and production) Dani Tagen vocals, production, and creative director), Sybil Mayard (vocals, keyboards, production and digital director), Fraser Skimmings (bass) and Tom Bevan (Drums).

From punk to acoustic, from soul to electronica” – that’s how x-blu describe the sounds that influence them. They are a digital media band working in visual art, film, music, poetry, live performance and video.