Demethius Jackson believes readers will strongly identify with the characters of his latest novel, “The Realmsic Conquest: The Hero of Legend”, (348 pages, ISBN: 978-1500596118). Its story of empowerment showcases how a life journey, no matter how difficult, is necessary to discover one’s own purpose and ability.

Like many growing up in Washington, DC during the 1980’s, Jackson coped with extreme hardships. Yet, continuous encouragement and guidance uplifted him above those obstacles. Now, through his blog, and his coming-of-age novels, Jackson intends to encourage other teens and young adults who are working to reach their potentials.

His latest work is the first installment of The Realmsic Conquest book trilogy. The literary novel takes place in the fictional land known as The Realm–the only magical kingdom in existence, which has also been ravaged by endless warfare. The Realm’s newest leader, King Maebus, has ruled only for six days, and now must overcome his own insecurities to guide his people through their most perilous conflict ever.

As an early preview, a limited number of copies were released during the summer of 2013. Jackson’s novel received great reviews. Librarian, Portia P reviewed the book as “a fantastic story on many levels,” while Foreword Reviews appreciated its ability to “[build] momentum with timeless themes.” Jackson acknowledged that such statements “…prove that an audience does exist for Self-Help Fantasy.”

Demethius Jackson is an alumnus of American University’s School of Communications in Washington, D.C. Throughout his ten-year career, Jackson held positions at global media and cinema companies. In July 2010, he published his first book. Initially releasing ‘The Realmsic Conquest’ as a completely rhyming epic-adventure, he spent the following years expanding the story of the Realm at the request of fan-feedback.