With his playful and optimistic indie folk style, bursting with nostalgia, Aaron Thomas shares an intimate conversation in song form with his single ‘Before I Met You’ (out now) ahead of his upcoming album ‘Human Patterns’, slated for release on Friday, May 17.

His illustrious music career has taken him all over the world to feature in festivals like SXSW (Austin), CMJ (New York), Popkomm (Berlin) and London’s Concrete and Glass. After years abroad, his return to Australia has led to appearances in Australian festivals like WOMAdelaide 2017, and in the lead up to his first full-length album in 10 years, has had his most recent release featured by the likes of Double J, ABC Country, AU Review, AAA Backstage and more.

With undeniable influence from his time in Spain, the playful guitar, upbeat drums, choral harmonies and bouncy piano in ‘Before I Met You’ make for a percussive and quirky track, perfect for dancing in the kitchen with a lover.

This release is nipping at the coattails of his recently released single ‘Mouth of the City’. With the same storytelling power and lyrical sway, ‘Before I Met You’ takes an upbeat look at life, pulls us into delirious optimism, and tells the story of a newborn romantic hope. Aaron Thomas shares:

“This is a song about the joy of a new relationship. The killing of the old self and the optimism and excitement of love in a bit of a silly way.”

The ties of a new romance are woven throughout his album ‘Human Patterns’. The artist invites the listener to feel the matured, complex emotions poured into the impending full-length record.

“A lot of the songs were written in the throes of a new relationship after coming out of years of sadness and loneliness. So that’s unavoidable. But there are also songs about family and about loss. I always dabble in the painful parts of my life and use music to talk about things pretty openly.”

Fall in love with ‘Before I Met You’ and get ready for the musical push and pull of Aaron Thomas’s upcoming album ‘Human Patterns’.

Featured image by Lucy Spartalis.

SOURCE: Official Bio