If his previous successes are anything to go by then AKA George will not disappoint when he releases his new single ‘Manic Machine’ on February 23rd, an energetic, bold pop classic.

‘It was all moving too quickly’, says AKA George when asked why he turned down the opportunity to work with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, a sentiment that lets the public know exactly what kind of artist he is. This is an artist who works at his own pace, an artist who knows exactly what he wants to create, and actualizes it himself. AKA George walked away from two record companies that were vying for his signature, showing that he is an artist with unfaltering integrity and an unwavering desire to create excellent music.

He was thrust into the spotlight with his creative cover of Pharrell’s ‘Get Lucky’, his ability to play all the instruments for the cover as well as provide a voice for the track meant that it quickly became a viral hit. It was not long before Pharrell himself had seen the cover, and hailed AKA George ‘a genius’. Many up and coming artists would have clung to this celebrity endorsement, however AKA George has been keen not to rush the production and release of his music showing his integrity as an artist. He has impeccably high standards for himself, a quality that can be seen in his music.

AKA George, who’s grunge vibes and bad boy aesthetic would not look out of place on a high fashion runway, elaborated on his decision to walk away from all the interest and attention that his Pharrell cover had garnered. He said that ‘I was in these plush offices talking to hit-making A&Rs thinking, “This isn’t right. They don’t know what they’re signing. They are just impressed with numbers’. His ardent refusal to become an artist concerned simply with numbers can be seen in his work

After taking some space to breathe, AKA George came back with a bang with the release of his single ‘Stone Cold Classic’ in October, a punchy and dynamic track with a strong baseline and wonderfully robust vocals. This track has amassed over 200,000 streams since its release, and now AKA George is back with another single; ‘Manic Machine’.

‘Manic Machine’ is set to be released on the 23rd of February, and if AKA George’s previous accomplishments are anything to go by, then things are about to get pretty crazy for this fiercely independent, music-centric artist.