Alex Exists has released his new album titled ‘Everybody’s Famous’. The title being a clear nod to that timeless cover from a certain fab four, Alex delivers an album that sounds nothing like but just as good in it’s own right with ‘Everybody’s Famous’.

Each song simply stands on it’s own and in it’s own bravado and swagger. Individually loved and labored hooks abound, Alex Exists can only be described as a totally and originally branded songwriter. Universe building with every note and leaving you hanging like a cliffhanger when the album ends, I feel originality is alive and well after that test drive.

About Alex Exists

Alex Exists is a Slavic-Canadian alt-pop artist, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker based out of Toronto. His work is inspired by absurdism, surrealism and optimistic nihilism. Fascinated by humanity’s anomalies and the dark side of pop culture with songs exclaiming our most intense emotions. Contrasting themes of rebellion, obsession, alienation, fear and desire.

The signature of Alex Exists’ music is his experimental sonic touches, drum heavy rhythms and classic pop through a blender melodies. Fusing neo-glam pomp and post-punk sneer together with a razor sharp tongue. Lashing cathartic words that sweetly sting. His debut album with THE NURSERY, “Life After Wartime”, was awarded ‘Best Independent Rock/Pop Band’ in Canada by Indie88 in 2018. That same year, the band was awarded ‘Best Music Video’ for “Digital Ashes” by the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

As a performer, his diverse rock background includes supporting acts such as Carole Pope, Gord Downie, Still Corners, Dan Mangan, Hollerado, The Wooden Sky, The Birthday Massacre and more. His music has been licensed to Netflix syndicated shows (Schitt’s Creek/Kim’s Convenience), received brand sponsorships (Converse/Jim Beam) and earned glowing press on national news outlets with acclaimed music critic Ben Rayner dubbing his music “Astutely crafted and slyly hooky pop-rock tunes that one could easily imagine brightening up the playlists of more open-minded mainstream radio outlets”.

SOURCE: Official Bio