TrAGiK Entertainment is pleased to announce that their new documentary, America’s Blues, is set to premier at the New Jersey International Film Festival in June 2015. The new movie tells the story of the impact that Blues Music has had on American culture and society.

The New Jersey International Film Festival is one of the largest stages for independent cinema, offering a stage for offbeat, influential works of arts from around the world. TrAGiK Entertainment is excited about the inclusion of America’s Blues at this year’s event, an occasion that will draw international attention.

America’s Blues demonstrates the profound impact that blues music has had on American culture, society, and entertainment. Blues music has had an influence on virtually every form of American music, leaving a deep impact in the entertainment industry. While it is sometimes regarded as the birth of rock and roll, the blues is largely unrecognized beyond music. Not only has the blues left its mark on the music industry, but it has had a role in other art forms such as paintings, sculpture, literature, television, and film.

Patrick Branson of TrAGiK Entertainment LLC said “We wanted to take a different angle on the Blues so we mixed history with popular culture and came up with a story of the Blues that hasn’t been told yet, and it might be one of the most important ever told.” He goes on to say, “It’s important that people understand the true history of modern entertainment, and see the Blues for what it truly is.”

The film will premiere at the New Jersey International Film Festival held at Rutgers University on June 5, 2015, at 5PM in Vorhees Hall. More information is available at

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